Choosing a stove for a summer residence: options for the street and home

Furnaces for summer cottages are represented by a large assortment of models, and during the selection process it is possible to purchase not only a functional appliance for heating, but also an element of the modern home decor.

Furnace for a summer residence: basic requirements and characteristics

Severe climatic conditions and a short warm period require the selection of high-quality, efficient and reliable heating equipment, even for country houses, subject to seasonal residence. All modern and heat-efficient country stoves must necessarily meet a number of requirements, including safety of operation and indicators of heat capacity. Also, all types and models differ in size, which allows you to choose reliable heating equipment for both small-sized premises and two-story cottages.

The specifics of the operating conditions of cottage ovens imply that the equipment meets several basic requirements:

  • convenience and accessibility of service;
  • simplicity and ease of operation;
  • fast heating of air masses in the room;
  • the ability to maintain a stable air temperature for a long time;
  • compactness of the device and convenient dimensions;
  • high rates of profitability;
  • increased strength and guaranteed durability;
  • simplicity and ease of ignition;
  • affordable price for the average buyer.

Among other things, you need to consider the possibility of using different types of materials in addition to firewood during operation.

Outdoor summer stoves

A review of cottage heating appliances will be incomplete without mentioning the outdoor cottage stoves. Such The furnaces were known for a long time and in most of the southern regions they were actively operated almost all year round.. Recently, such designs have become more functional and aesthetic, which allowed the use of garden wood stoves not only for their intended purpose, but also as an element of the landscape.

Depending on the level of functionality, purpose, design features and technical capabilities, Outdoor stoves can be represented by the following options:

  • wood stove outdoorl is a simple and affordable option. Ready-made models have a hob and oven. For melting firewood, coal, briquettes or other types of solid fuel are used. The compact version takes up little space, and mobility allows you to clean equipment for the winter period in the utility room. The main disadvantage of such equipment is represented by insufficient functionality;

  • Russian stove refers to the most popular in our country, classic options. The design is intended for cooking on the stove, baking bakery products, stewing and frying. The outer walls must be protected with heat-insulating materials, allowing the operation of the outbreak in the cold season;

  • compact barbecue stove differs from the Russian stove in smaller dimensions and insufficiently extensive capabilities. The oven is perfect for baking pies, baking meat and fish dishes, stewing. The upper grill allows you to quickly fry the kebab. A definite disadvantage is the need for relatively long preheating;

  • eastern option Tandoor allows you to cook not only meat and fish dishes, as well as national oriental dishes, represented by cakes baked directly on the walls of the furnace structure. It is also possible to install a cauldron for cooking pilaf. Manufacturers produce stationary and mobile models equipped with special wheels;

  • fireplace stoveequipped with a skewer and a special grill, is the best street option for picnics. The model is designed for cooking almost any meat and fish dishes. Manufacturers offer ready-made fireplace designs made using modern refractory materials coated with moisture resistant compounds;

  • pizza maker is an amateur version of the design, ideal for preparing dishes from Italian cuisine. The disadvantages include insufficient functionality, limited to baking pizza and bakery products. A design feature is the presence of a hemispherical arch and the ability to integrate into almost any garden complex system;

  • barbecue stove quite rightly occupies a leading position and is most often found in personal plots. Such a model is a peculiar version of American mobile metal fryers, which are adapted to the life and climatic conditions of our country. The furnace design of the covered type allows you to protect open fire from atmospheric precipitation and gusty wind. The full-featured system is represented by barbecue, a stove, a cauldron stand, a smokehouse, a pizza oven and large skewers.

When arranging a garden or outdoor kitchen, the structure should be placed at a sufficient distance from the garden plantations and wooden structures. It is advisable to provide the outdoor stove with a solid and reliable, monolithic-reinforced foundation base, decorated in accordance with the features of landscape design.

How to build a fireplace grill with your own hands

Types of stoves for country houses

For the construction of furnaces can be used in a different type of material, which should be sufficiently strong, reliable and durable. Depending on the material used, The following types of cottage stove structures differ:

  • steel model made of cast iron and having excellent thermal and technical characteristics. The disadvantages include a large weight, as well as a significant amount of time required to warm up;
  • brick stove, which can easily be done independently provided that the order is correctly and correctly calculated. A distinctive feature is its excellent heat capacity. A minus may be the need to provide such a heating equipment with a sufficiently reliable foundation;
  • stone stove It belongs to the category of rather expensive, complex and heavy devices that are hard to perform independently and are distinguished by their attractive appearance and durability.

The most popular in recent years have become factory-made stoves, which also include the Summer Resident model. Among other things, The classification of country stoves can be determined by the type of fuel used:

  • wood models relate to traditional species, and are melted by firewood or coal. For smooth operation requires regular monitoring, but the stoves can even be performed independently. Often complemented by a stove, oven and grill;
  • electric modelscommon due to mobility and ease of installation. Functioning is dependent on the availability of electricity in the house. A high-quality electrical installation is characterized by good power indicators and a high degree of reliability. Modern equipment is able to almost perfectly simulate real fire, accompanied by the sound of cracking logs. The disadvantage is the high cost and increased electricity consumption;
  • gas models are considered the most affordable in terms of operation, but require strict adherence to safety regulations and regular filling of gas cylinders in the absence of gas mains.

For private households and apartments, it is recommended to purchase electric stoves that will be safer and more reliable. However, for heating a conventional country house, it is advisable to use standard wood structures.

Equipment Safety

Heating equipment, represented by various types of stoves, when used in private households, Requires mandatory safety precautions:

  • in the areas adjacent to the wooden floors to the smoke channel or pipe fittings, butchering should be arranged in the form of thickenings in the brick pipe masonry;
  • when using dust in the attics on the basis of easily combustible materials in the form of sawdust and peat, cutting of chimneys above the filling surface is arranged;
  • chimneys within the attic space are rubbed with lime mortar and bleached;
  • the combustible floors in front of the furnace furnaces must be covered with 50 x 70 cm sheet steel.

It is especially important to comply with fire safety rules in the winter, when the furnace is heated up particularly actively.

DIY brazier

Heating stoves for private homes and cottages begin to be in high demand immediately before the start of the heating season, so you need to take care of the purchase of such heating equipment in advance. Only specialists in this field are best versed in the diversity of all modern stoves; therefore, when choosing, it is impractical to rely only on their own strengths, and it is advisable to receive recommendations from experienced consultants implementing heating structures.

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