When to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2019: favorable days and signs

Almost every summer resident on his plot grows tomatoes. Such a popularity of this vegetable culture is connected with the fact that a large number of various dishes are prepared from tomatoes, starting with salads and juices, ending with soups and main dishes. However, to ensure such diversity, each summer resident should take care of getting a good harvest, and for this he needs to know when to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2018. Understanding this topic will help many years of experience as summer experts.

When to plant tomatoes: seedlings

To get a good yield, summer residents need to organize in time not only planting crops in open soil or a greenhouse structure, but also prepare the seeds. In February or early March, you should purchase soil and pots, as well as pick up seeds. The sowing dates of tomato seeds vary depending on their variety, so special attention should be paid to the acquired variety of culture. It is worth considering that it is not necessary to fully rely on the information given on the reverse side of the packaging from the seeds, since it usually indicates recommendations for sowing in the climatic conditions of Central European countries.

So, different varieties of tomatoes should be sown in a different period:

  • ultra-early varieties, including Cherry tomatoes, are sown in early April;
  • tall tomatoes are recommended to be sown from 02.20.17 to 03.10.17;
  • early, mid-ripening varieties are required to be sown on March 10-22;
  • sowing of late ripening varieties is required to be organized in the 3rd decade of February.

Typically, tomato shoots after sowing seeds appear after 4-9 days. With sufficient lighting for about 20 days, the plant gives a pair of full leaves, at which time it should be dived.

When to plant tomatoes in 2018: general recommendations

If the seedlings are planned to be planted in greenhouse constructions made of glass or cellular polycarbonate, the week lasting from 02/26/17 to 03/02/17 is considered the optimal interval for sowing. For film greenhouses, tomato sowing should be organized on March 6-13.

For planting in open ground, seedlings are suitable, the age of which is 50-60 days. By this time, you need to add 7 days, necessary for the emergence of seedlings after sowing, and the same for the acclimatization of the plant after transplantation. You can plant seedlings in open ground after the last frost has ended, planting in a greenhouse can be arranged a little earlier. Properly grown seedlings are characterized by a stem thickness of 1 centimeter, as well as a height of 30-35 centimeters.

From the date of the calculated tomato planting, which, incidentally, coincides with the period of pepper planting in the soil, it is required to subtract 50-60 days necessary for the tomato to grow at home, as well as 15 days for the plant to acclimatize. It turns out that it is necessary to sow tomatoes 2.5 months before the desired date of planting. Planting plants on a permanent site is required in cloudy, calm weather.

Dates of planting and sowing tomatoes in Siberia, Moscow region

In the Moscow region it is necessary to sow tomato seeds for cultivation in open ground in early March, and in film greenhouses - in mid-March. In Siberia and the Urals, sowing should be carried out from March to April. The exact sowing date can be calculated using the above technology. The main thing in this matter is to reveal the period of the last frosts.

When calculating the following should be considered:

  • tomato variety;
  • desired place of cultivation;
  • the ability to supply regular lighting seedlings with early planting;
  • weather.

These factors must be taken into account, since their adverse effect can adversely affect the condition of the plant, as well as reduce its yield.

Shelf life of seedlings at home

Seedlings are allowed to be stored on the windowsill for no more than 2 months, and after this period it must be planted in open ground or in the greenhouse space. The optimal shelf life of seedlings at home is 50-55 days. If there is a need to store it on the windowsill longer than this time, the summer resident should allocate 1-5 liters of soil for each plant. Naturally, such a number of pots can not fit on the windowsill, so it is hardly advisable to sow seedlings earlier than the recommended time, of course, if the summer resident does not own a greenhouse with heating. Crops can be stored on the windowsill until they grow.

It has been proven by many years of experience that the strongest plant crops grow from seedlings planted from late March to early April. It was at this time that it began to grow more actively, in comparison with the February plant material.

Transplant into the greenhouse and open ground

Transplanting to greenhouses is usually carried out in early May, because at this time frosts end. Tomatoes should be planted only in warm ground. The optimal soil temperature for this is 10-15 degrees, and at least 8 degrees. In heated greenhouses, such temperature indicators are achieved earlier. Landing in film structures is better to postpone until May 20-31. In open ground, tomatoes are required to be planted on June 10-20. In this case, it is worth considering the region and the possibility of repeated frosts.

Ready for transplanting seedlings can be determined by the presence of:

  • thick stem;
  • 8-11 dark green leaves;
  • buds of the first flower brush;
  • powerful root system.

Such seedlings, planted in the right period, can give a rich harvest.

When to sow tomatoes on the lunar calendar: the most favorable days

Many gardeners are convinced that the moon favorably affects the quality of the future crop, so tomatoes should be planted exclusively on favorable lunar days. The lunar calendar gives several recommendations for planting a tomato in 2018.

  1. Planting tomatoes should be carried out exclusively on the growing moon. In 2018, the growing moon will be observed on February 1-10, February 28 - March 10, March 29 - April 10.
  2. In the period of the new and full moon, it is necessary to abandon the transplantation of crops and sowing seeds.
  3. The best signs of sowing and replanting a tomato on the lunar calendar are Taurus, Libra, Capricorn.

Despite the recommendations listed above, the lunar calendar highlights the following favorable days for summer cottages:

  • in February, you need to give preference to the last two weeks of the month from the 14th. Even days are considered the best for this, except for the 22nd day, as well as 27;
  • in March, landing can be practiced throughout the month: 3, 4, 10, 12, 20, 25, 30, 31;
  • in April, tomato planting should be abandoned in the first week of the month, and on the 8th, 12th, 13th, 22nd, 26th, 27th, 28th of the day you can safely start summer cottage work;
  • Also, the first week of May is not recommended for a transplant; for this, the best numbers will be: 9, 15, 19, 24, 25;
  • summer work in June should be carried out in the first half of the month: 2, 7, 11, 16.

Tomatoes must be planted on their permanent site 2 months after emergence. The optimal height of seedlings is 35 centimeters. Before sowing, seeds must be soaked for 1 day.

When to plant tomatoes in 2018: signs that you should pay attention to

Folk omens play an important role in planting plant crops, because none other than nature will tell the summer clerk the optimal time for planting plants. So, according to popular beliefs, the ideal period for planting a tomato in 2018 is the beginning of flowering of mountain ash or viburnum.

There are also other folk signs:

  • crops for seedlings can be planted as soon as snowdrops bloom;
  • planting should be done on a permanent site when the lilac blooms;
  • for seedlings, tomatoes can be sown when the sprouts bloom.

There is also a folk method that allows you to find out about the readiness of the soil for planting a tomato. To do this, take a stick and draw it with a pointed end over the excavated area. If at this time the soil will be smeared, it means that it is too early to plant plants in it, and if it crumbles, you can safely start work.

When to plant tomatoes for seedlings: briefly on the timing of planting seeds (video)

When and how to sow tomatoes for seedlings (video)

When sowing and planting tomatoes, one should take into account not only the recommendations of omens, the lunar calendar, as well as instructions on packages from seeds, but also the climate. The combination of all these factors will allow you to calculate the optimal planting time of this crop to obtain the most rich harvest.

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