When to plant strawberries for seedlings in 2019: tips, signs, dates

Strawberries - a tasty and healthy berry, which is increasingly beginning to grow in the dachas and gardens. It is worth noting that not every experienced summer resident decides to grow this plant from seeds. More often buy seedlings. But such a decision is unjustified due to the fact that the cost of the bush is much higher than the crop received from it. Much more profitable and practical to grow on their own. The main thing is to know exactly when to plant strawberries (strawberries) for seedlings in 2018 in order to get strong plants and a big crop.

When to plant wild strawberries in 2018: signs that are worth paying attention to

It is no secret that all gardeners try to adhere to the optimal terms for both sowing and planting strawberries in open ground.

Not only the lunar calendar is taken into account, but also special signs, thanks to which suitable dates are chosen:

  • to get the crop this year, the seeds are sown in February;
  • plants should be planted in the ground in the evening or on a cloudy day;
  • the soil must be warmed up - in the sun it becomes lighter;
  • cherry blossoms began - you can do transplantation into the ground;
  • disembarkation is made until mid-September, not later. Otherwise, the seedlings simply do not have time to get stronger and die with the onset of cold weather.

All signs are based on the long-term practice of the people and have scientific justification, because for planting, the main thing is that the soil is already well warmed up, the plant receives enough light and heat. Observing a number of simple rules, wild strawberries will delight the summer resident with a large harvest for many years.

When to sow strawberries (strawberries) according to the lunar calendar

Gardeners with many years of experience growing strawberries and strawberries try to adhere to not only generally accepted rules when choosing dates for sowing. Among the main criteria, they distinguish the data of the lunar calendar.

In 2018, the following days will be most favorable for the start of work:

  • February - from 20 to 25;
  • March - from 14 to 17;
  • April - from 13 to 18;
  • May - from 12 to 22;
  • August - from 8 to 15.

Planting berries at these time intervals in most cases will be crowned with success, and the summer resident will receive seedlings that can easily transfer planting from the greenhouse.

When to plant for seedlings

It is recommended to start strawberry seeds at the end of winter. Early seedlings are developing well and the gardener has every chance of getting the first crop already this season. Sowing continues until the end of April, but in this case it is no longer worth hoping to try the fruits of your labors this year.

If planting is planned in the autumn, then it is necessary to take care of sowing in the middle of summer. Plants in this case will receive enough heat and light. Mid July, early August are the most favorable periods.

This process is carried out according to a certain algorithm:

  • the soil in the boxes is watered with a little warm water;
  • using a match in the ground they make small coarsening at a distance of one and a half centimeter from each other;
  • a pair of seeds is placed in each hole;
  • sprinkled with earth on top.

In the future, it is necessary to provide the plants with a sufficient amount of light so that they develop as quickly as possible.

The secrets of growing strawberries

When to plant strawberries in 2018

Planting plants in open ground, depending on climatic conditions, begins at different times. Thus, in the Moscow Region, which is characterized by a temperate climate, this process begins much earlier than in Siberia or in the Urals.

It is for this region that the following periods are favorable for the start of a landing:

  • end of spring - beginning of summer. The process of moving the sprouts into the open ground begins in early May, and ends by the fifteenth of June. Under the condition of the absence of cold weather, and fully warmed up soil, one can start planting even in April;
  • end of summer - beginning of autumn. Plants are planted since mid-August and complete in mid-September. Later, plants should not be planted, until the onset of the first frosts they simply will not take root.

Dates of planting and sowing strawberries (strawberries) in Siberia and the Urals

The climate of Siberia and the Urals is quite severe. Colds can last until the very beginning of summer. Naturally, planting in these regions has its own characteristics. Strawberry seedlings are allowed to be planted in the open space only in early June. The first landing lasts for a month.

The so-called autumn plant transplantation begins in mid-summer and ends in late August.

Planting plants in these regions is recommended in soil with maximum moisture. The following rules must be observed:

  1. The location of a row about a meter wide should occur from the north and head south.
  2. The distance between the rows is about half a meter. The bush from the bush should be no closer than twenty centimeters.
  3. The width of the tracks is thirty centimeters.
  4. The antennae that appeared immediately after planting must be removed.
  5. Freshly transplanted sprouts must be treated with a solution of salt and copper sulfate.
  6. Mandatory watering immediately after moving to open ground.
  7. In winter, plants are sheltered, thereby protecting against hypothermia.

Fertilizer: a must for high yields

In order to achieve maximum results even on a very small area, it is necessary not only to choose the correct dates for planting and planting, but also to fully fertilize them. Only in the event that the strawberries receive a sufficient amount of the substances she needs, will it be fruitful. In this case, it is especially important to follow these recommendations:

  • fertilize potassium during bud formation;
  • yields are significantly increased in the case of spraying bushes with raster boric acid;
  • adult plants need to be fertilized with a nitroammophoska solution at the very beginning of spring;
  • flowering is accompanied by the introduction of potassium nitrate, wood ash and chicken droppings;
  • after harvesting - again a solution of nitroammofoski;
  • urea solution is able to strengthen the plants, and accordingly, the summer resident will be provided with berries in the next season.

Wild strawberry

Growing strawberries from seeds is a profitable and exciting process. With the right approach to business, the gardener can get a huge harvest. This does not require large material and physical costs. It’s enough just to seriously approach the choice of optimal timing for planting, to provide plants with heat and light. The result will not be long in coming, and the seeds sown at the end of winter will grow into strong bushes that will please the first berries this season. In the future, it will only remain that it is necessary to fertilize strawberries and properly care for it. A perennial plant will bear fruit for more than one year.

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