Metal barrel as an element of landscape decoration

Metal barrels for water are an indispensable attribute in almost any garden or garden. It’s easy to paint a barrel at the cottage, but you can approach this event creatively. As a result, beautifully painted old garden barrels become an original design element of a country garden.

Selection and preparation of barrels for further decoration

Unusually painted and very decorative containers for irrigation have become especially popular with domestic gardeners and gardeners in the past few years. Not only drawings on the surface, but also decoration by plants are in demand, as well as the design of wicker boxes and other design elements.

You can simply paint the surface in a solid color or decorate using special stencils. It’s not difficult to paint containers with your own hands, but it’s important to choose the right materials, and also competently prepare the work surface:

  • the barrel for water should be intact, without leakage of water;
  • the container, in which it is supposed to grow flowers or garden crops, on the contrary, should have drainage holes in the bottom;
  • containers can be plastic, wooden or metal, but metal and plastic structures are most often used for painting;
  • the surface of the old barrel must first be very thoroughly cleaned of dirt.

To ensure that all applied decorative elements are preserved throughout the entire period of operation, it is imperative to remove rust and old paint from the surface using coarse-grained emery paper or a special brush with a hard metal bristle.

At the next preparatory stage, you need to wash the surface well and dry, and then thoroughly degrease the surface to be painted with an ordinary solvent, which will significantly improve the adhesion of the applied paint. The use of a primer gives a good result before applying the main, basic paint background.

How to decorate a water barrel with a stencil

You can brightly decorate the surface if you draw fairy-tale characters or animals, seasons, as well as animated plots. To apply a beautiful pattern, you can use ready-made stencils or independently create an original and stylish stencil in accordance with personal preferences.

Self-made stencil

The basis for the stencil can serve as a sufficient density of cardboard or thin plastic, from the file folder. The picture can be selected from any source., but it is most convenient to take a ready-made suitable pattern from themed Internet sites and print it on a regular household printer. If necessary, an oversized image is divided into several separate fragments.

How to paint a water barrel

The basics and features of the technology of creating a stencil with your own hands:

  • on a paper or cardboard base, the drawing is applied with a soft simple pencil, and on a plastic base, the application is carried out using a felt-tip pen or marker;
  • neatly with sharp scissors, a pattern is cut out along the lines, without damaging the internal jumpers;
  • small internal sections of the pattern can be cut with manicure scissors or a wallpaper knife.

The workpiece should be with smooth edges without burrs, without bruises, as well as cracks or accidental cuts and tears. Landscape images are best only partially patterned, and finish the smallest details with an ordinary art brush. Filling large areas of a pattern with paint is very convenient with a foam sponge.

Also, as very original and completely accessible for use stencils, you can use all kinds of natural materials, represented by leaves, twigs or shells. First, the surface of the container is painted in light green tones and the diagonals are drawn in white, after which natural material is applied to the surface and sprayed from the spray can.

Technology for drawing a picture on a barrel

After cleaning from rust and the old layer, the surface of the metal barrel is covered with a primer for metal. The standard technology of the ornament or pattern, as well as the plot pattern on the surface of the tank is not complicated, but assumes compliance with some rules:

  • the main background should not be too bright, and applied from a spray can with paints for working with metal;
  • fixing the stencil on the surface of the container is carried out using paint or ordinary stationery tape;
  • the paint must be applied very carefully, and metered, which will prevent the erosion of the picture;
  • to get a three-dimensional picture, it is necessary to add various shades of paint according to an already painted stencil, starting from a lighter color and ending with the darkest tone.

The only difficulty a novice designer may encounter is the problem of accurately calculating the amount of paint and the high-quality rendering of the smallest elements. To make the drawing durable, varnish is applied at the final stage.

Garden barrels in garden design

Many homeowners and garden plots owners are very well aware that an improperly formed barrel can create real disharmony, and very often completely does not fit into the "green interior" of the landscape.

Children's zone: how to paint a barrel and apply a drawing

To design a children’s or play area, you can use containers with the most fun and plot drawings that harmoniously fit into the environment and become an original addition to sandboxes, swings or plywood painted houses.

Without fail, water barrels are covered with tight lids, in which a round hole is cut for rainwater to drain. You can color with the most vivid and fun colors or portray funny faces and cartoon or fairy-tale characters. Especially interesting are the images of ladybugs flying over the flowers of butterflies and frogs.

Barrel Decorating Ideas

Painted flower barrels

A flowering flowerbed from a barrel is the most interesting way to decorate flower beds in a home garden. The main advantage of a plastic barrel is excellent safety and durability. This design does not rust, but before using it as a flower garden, it should be properly decorated. Painting can be done using a spray gun or spray can.

The metal structure is also often used as an original flower bed. As the simplest and most accessible stencil, twigs or other improvised materials are used to create an easily recognizable contour. Such materials must have sufficient density, and the contour obtained around the template is lightened with an art brush.

From a large number of metal containers decorated in the same style, very beautiful and unusual compositions are obtained. Nutrient soil is poured inside the barrel or vessels with soil are placedthen petunias or various types of ampelous are planted abundantly and continuously flowering ornamental plants. Barrels can be placed at different heights or dug at different depths in the soil.

Artistic painting of barrels in accordance with the style of the garden

A win-win option for designing containers in accordance with different styles is to create original plots from plastic bottles. Plastic transparent bottles cut into arbitrary parts are painted with different colors in accordance with the idea. Cut elements are glued onto a base-painted surface using conventional building glue. Thus, you can get a mosaic or plot design.

Barrels that are painted with floral ornaments look very beautiful and harmonious with garden vegetation. The main condition is the correct choice of background, which should not be too bright and distracting from flower beds, flower beds and garden rabatok. You can effectively decorate the surface with a pattern with fluttering butterflies, bees and dragonflies, or use the image of other representatives of flora and fauna.

Original ways to decorate the barrel

An unusual alternative to standard staining is represented by embossed decorative screening. In this case, the execution technique consists in applying a layer of building glue to the barrel surface and filling a dense screening layer. After drying, to give the necessary color can be obtained using paint from a spray can. The lower part of the tank can be decorated with large pebbles, and the upper can be decorated with shells.

If you are independently designing a garden space in a country style, then it is advisable to decorate barrels with wicker boxes:

  • harvesting willow, dogwood or bird cherry twigs a couple of meters long before the beginning of February;
  • the basis of the wicker design is thick and even branches with a diameter of 20-30 mm in the amount of seven to eight pieces;
  • thick frame branches are sharpened at one end and are buried around the tank into the ground by about a quarter meter.

How to decorate a barrel

Weaving with soaked rods starts from the back. The ends of thin branches are necessarily nailed with small carnations to supporting thick branches. Weaving involves threading each thin twig between vertically mounted thick shoots of the frame. To get the most dense weaving, twigs must be tapped periodically from above with a wooden hammer. The wicker design can be supplemented with artificial sunflowers.

To get an original and stylish design, just show your imagination and acquire high-quality working material. It should be remembered that for proper staining, it is best to use spray cans for painting cars, as well as be sure to use rubber gloves, work clothes and safety glasses in work.

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