Plant protection against diseases and pests with the help of Maxim

The drug Maxim belongs to the category of modern contact fungicides. The finished solution is used not only to protect against pests and various diseases. This tool is used to dress the soil before planting.

Composition and purpose of the product

The pesticide is available in the form of 2.0 or 4.0 ml ampoules, and is also packaged in 40 ml vials. Processing of plants and planting material, as well as processing of bulbs of any flowers and seed potatoes is carried out with a working solution.

The active substance of the drug "Maxim" is represented by fludioxonil. The standard concentration of the active component of natural origin does not exceed 25g / l. The tool is an effective contact fungicide and is a kind of analogue of an antibiotic secreted with the help of soil bacteria. Fungicide is widely used against fungi. and is able to preserve the beneficial microflora of the soil layers.

Instructions for use allows you to use "Maxim" in the following cases:

  • dressing of onion and tuber-onion crops, including orchids, as well as seeds of vegetables and flowers from damage by rot, scab, mold, black leg before planting and in the process of winter conservation;
  • protection of potato tubers from damage by rot, scab, rhizoctonia and black leg;
  • processing of planting material of gladiolus and tulip, as well as other flowering and decorative foliage crops from rot, fusarium wilting and mold.

Also, the drug shows high efficiency in the pre-sowing treatment of seeds of cereal and other types of crops in order to destroy pathogens that are transmitted both through the seed material and through organic fertilizer or soil.

Fungiid Maxim: method of application

Instructions for use of the drug Maxim

The liquid form of the drug is very convenient to use and is characterized by the presence of a special signal dye that allows you to control the quality parameters of the processing. Numerous positive reviews of gardeners and summer residents made the tool very popular. Among other things "Maxim" perfectly complements special tablets, suspensions and powders intended for the processing of garden crops, including the Apron and Kruiser insecticides.

The preparation of a standard working solution involves the dilution of 10 ml of Maxim in five liters of pure water, followed by thorough mixing. For every 1 kg of planting material, an average liter of working solution is consumed. To process decorative foliage and flowering indoor plants, it is necessary to dilute five to six drops of the product in a glass of clean water at room temperature. It is required to prepare a standard working fungicidal solution immediately before its use, and the activity of the active components persists for a day.

For soil dressing

Usually, "Maxim" is bred at the rate of 40 ml per twenty-liter tank of water. This amount of working solution is enough to process ten square meters of the landing area. Spill the soil carefully so that there are no untreated sections of soil.

The spilled area must be covered with a black film, which increases the effectiveness of exposure to pathogenic microflora of active components. After three to four days, the film cover is removed, and the cultivated soil is populated with useful microflora using the use of "Trichodermin", "Fitosporin" and "Planriz-Rizoplan". The Baikal preparation and herbal fermented infusions have also proven themselves well. Plants can be planted about a week after the event.

How to use Maxim for treating plants

Before planting seed potatoes, as well as seeds of other garden crops can be protected by "Maxim" from diseases such as fusarium, alternariosis, anthracnose, silver scab and wet rot using a working solution based on 20 ml of the drug and a liter of water.

Features of the treatment with Maxim onion flowers and orchids

Bulbs and corms prepared for planting or storage throughout the winter period of such popular flower crops as tulips, begonias, lilies, gladioluses, daffodils and hyacinths are processed in a solution based on the Maxim preparation by immersion for half an hour. Such an event will serve as an excellent protection against pathogenic microflora. After keeping in a solution, planting material needs to be well dried. Also, "Maxim" can protect the root system of indoor decorative foliage and flowering plants.

How to prepare potatoes for planting

Analogues of the drug

Fludioxonil-based drugs are analogous to natural antimycotic or antifungal agents, and represented by the following means:

  • Sinclair concentrated and technological fungicidal seed and tuber disinfectant;
  • drug "Switch" based on fludioxonil and cyprodinil;
  • on the basis of thiamethoxam, fludioxonil and diphenoconazole, the drug Celest-Top is produced.

Maxim Plus, Maxim Extreme and Maxim Forte have proven high efficiency.

Reviews of summer residents about the drug

According to experienced gardeners and gardeners, Maxim can effectively disinfect seed and planting material, and also forms an active protective fungicidal film that prevents the penetration of pathogenic microflora.

The drug is sold in the form of capsules filled with a red liquid. The product is diluted in accordance with the attached instructions. As a result of dilution, a slightly pinkish working solution is obtained. After processing the root system, seeds or bulbs, staining is observed, which indicates the absorption of the active components. Very good tool helps with local areas of rotting of planting material as a result of excess moisture. After trimming the affected areas, the bulbs are soaked in the solution for about half an hour.

Many gardeners actively use "Maxim" for preplanting the root system of fruit and berry seedlings. A good result is observed with a short soaking of the roots flowering and ornamental-deciduous indoor crops when transplanted to a new planting tank, as well as watering seedlings of garden plants before planting in a permanent place.

What are plant protection products?

Universal use of the drug "Maxim" has a pronounced immunomodulating effect on many garden and horticultural crops. Dilution in accordance with the attached instructions helps to achieve a high effect and minimizes the risk of toxic effects on plants.

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