Why strawberries bloom abundantly rather than tied

For some reason, my strawberry blossoms so much, at least make bouquets. On each bush there are many brushes with flowers. If it was not a bed, but a flower bed, then it is better not. But when it comes time to bear fruit, only a few berries are tied, and even very small ones. What could be the matter here, is she missing something?


There can be many reasons. Perhaps your strawberry has long been planted and just grown old. You may have purchased a strawberry weed variety, this sometimes happens. It is these varieties that give abundant empty flowers. Even with careful care, the berries will be small and stiff. Get rid of such strawberries and buy a mustache in the nursery. If you have a really high grade, then the matter may be in the quality of the soil, or rather, that it is not suitable. This can also happen due to the fact that during the flowering period it rained heavily, and the bees did not have time to pollinate your strawberry.

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