Pruning apple-tree

This spring I bought a seedling of a columnar apple tree. From information on the network about caring for her, everything is more or less clear. I can’t deal with one question: how to carry out pruning correctly. Or is she not needed at all? I read conflicting opinions. I understood only one thing, that this year I should form it not necessary. And then?


Need to crop!
With proper planting, the columnar apple tree grows by about 40 cm during the first year during the growing season. At the same time, one should not expect the tree to actively grow upwards as for fruiting - this will not have any positive effect.
In case of damage or freezing of the apical bud, several strong shoots develop in young trees, which are located slightly below the apex. In this case, you should choose the strongest escape - reduce the rest.
For productivity, the timely conduct of certain activities is important. They should be aimed at protecting the tree from various pests!

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