How to grow lingonberries in a summer cottage

I'd like to plant lingonberries in my summer cottage. This is a very tasty and healthy wild berry. How to do it right? What conditions are needed in order to harvest a good crop? What soil is suitable for it? Is it difficult to care for her? They say that it grows only in the forest and it’s very difficult to artificially grow lingonberries. Is it true?


On garden plots, lingonberries are mainly cultivated cultivated varieties or hybrids, for example, Coral, Ammerland, Mazovia, Linnaeus, Rubin, Kostromichka. The soil must be acidic, peat must be present in the soil, which is mulched by sawdust, bark and needles. Planting plants is necessary in the second half of spring. And immediately after planting, sprinkle the earth with sawdust (or peat), pour and cover it with plastic wrap. Lingonberry gardening, planting and care of which is quite easy, negatively tolerates both stagnation of water on the site and drought, so you should be quite careful when watering the plant. The most optimal is drip irrigation or small drip irrigation, recommended twice a week. For optimal moisture retention, the soil must be periodically loosened and mulched. Be sure to get rid of weed grass.

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