How to get rid of a mole on a site

Good day! A mole has appeared on our site. Already the entire site is covered by this pest. It seems to me that the mole is picking up potatoes. This year, the crop has fallen dramatically compared to previous years. We tried to put purchased tablets from a mole in fresh mink. Nothing helped, and it’s a pity to kill him. How can a pest be driven out of a site so as not to harm it? The mole also lives in the neighboring area, but the neighbor has set traps for moles. We also began to dry roses, right one by one. Tell me, can a mole eat up its roots? Or is it worth looking for a reason in something else?


Break reed stalks from 1, 5 to 2 meters long, peel and place in each molehill a tube. About 60-80 centimeters should remain on the surface. Under the influence of wind, this design creates an effect similar to howling wind in pipes. Moles have very keen hearing, and such sounds annoy them. After a week, the animals will leave the site. The use of plants in the fight against moles is also very popular. These animals do not like bean cultures and bulbs such as daffodils, decorative onions, imperial hazel grouse, and Siberian clew.

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