What kind of fungus is in the earth and how to deal with it

Tell me, what kind of fungus is in the ground? How to deal with it?

Pots to blame.

I threw all the seedlings.

When watering, pollen scatters and smells like mushrooms

These same pots are a hotbed of all sorts of junk. If something else grows in them. Better transplant.

Thank you the first year I bought them, usually planted in plastic

There was a cucumber in one, I want to plant in a greenhouse. What do you think, rinse the roots off the ground

Give it a try. I never washed it. The main thing is not to damage the roots

It’s good that I transplanted peppers on time from these pots, otherwise I would probably die. Planted for the first time and such a bad luck. I’m not even getting close to them.

Throw out the pots and no longer use.

This is due to excessive watering, the land bloomed on the Yulia Canal; there is a video where it sprinkles with sand

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