What to do with tomatoes after leaving the water

Help me please! Our water has finally come down! Now the tomatoes on one wall are all in this state! In the middle and on the other wall are normal. I poured phytosporin, sprayed HB-101 and phytosporin - resuscitator, poured trichodermin yesterday. The situation does not change. I cut one bush, there is already a painted ring, so I think the fungus has already blocked the moves, the roots are good, white. As I understand it, Fusarium. The tops were cut off by them yesterday, but I'm afraid they are infected too. Although the cut is clean. What to do? Pull and burn? Can I put new tomatoes in their place? Tops cut off leave in water or throw away too? What is the best way to treat the rest seemingly healthy? Fitosporin or immediately oxychrome?

Jean. Remove polycarbonate. At least, unfasten from the problem side. You are not aired. You have applied enough. Give access to the air. Blowing a little. I live in Kazan. When you sow a radish. We row snow. Tomatoes on the street. From April 25th. And my neighbor. From April 16th. Under the non-woven fabric 42. At us, at night it was + 2 ° At least. Cho! Are blooming. First thing. AIR CIRCULATION. What kind of variety?

Doors for plowing, there is no wind at all. And the heat rolled. Yes, the varieties are already different, the whole wall is on the one hand, there the lake stood water. Varieties: “Sugar Nastya”, “The Black Prince”, “de barao pink”, and the yellow ones I don’t know the name. Something tells me that there will be no business with these. Now I’ll go to my mother’s hospital and then I’ll probably remove, there is obviously a Fusarium wilting fungus, and this, as Lena told the Khan to tomatoes.

Zhannochka, if you plant another seedling, then probably not in the greenhouse. You already need open ground.

Did the others get on? After all, still. Two rows.

Can stepchildren root?

Most likely your tomatoes will die. I would not plant new ones there, the situation could be repeated. You need to root large stepchildren or cut off the tops from several tomatoes for rooting and put everything in p / et bags with holes. When the next. Such a situation (God forbid, of course, you can at least remove them from this place.

Zhanna, if there is a dark ring in the middle, it’s like Fusarium. Very contagious disease. There will be no sense in planting new tomatoes in place of patients, they will become ill. All rastyukha they are ill. If you planted new tomatoes in Og, Olya correctly says that they withstand cold up to 1 degree of heat. My seedlings without shelter since April 15, lively, and the tomatoes in the ground survived a two-week cold of 5-7 degrees. Do not try to take stepson or tops from rooting plants from diseased plants. The plant is completely affected, they have sap flow and the disease spreads throughout the plant, as we do with blood. Those who have not yet gotten sick, do not rush to pull out, maybe they get stuck and will not get sick. And who let them down - they’re lobster. Pull out and take out the infection outside the site. Do not be discouraged where ours did not disappear, the wings are straightened again and fly, high-high. Good luck.

Zhanna, still, if you haven’t processed tomatoes with copper containing preparations, but with the same oxychom, now is the time, it’s time. And gardeners write correctly. Very dense landing. Take away all the shoots coming from the roots and stepson so that there is air circulation. And then it’s wet, hot, here and late blight quickly arrive in time. Eh, would a greenhouse open on one side, or is it technically impossible?

Thanks! They are also planted in the og and feel great with the greenhouse for the first time, they got into a greenhouse and immediately got into it.

Yes, Ol! They’re okay, but I still haven’t processed it with a Hom, today I’m working on all the rest. Those sluggish I lifted.

The old stepsons have already taken root in my jar, I will think something with them

Thank you very much, Helen! You always support me very much. Today was on the market, we have a lot of Koreans in seedlings and plantings, they said the same. So I pulled them out, left only five, but they grafted just a little. Maybe they’ll leave again, only one has left, raised the top of his head. Of course I’m sad, but I try not to be very sad, all the more I’ve looked enough enough + there is enough for this year in the garden, the mission has been completed by half, next year I’ll be corrected, I'll spray home with you at night!

Look for the drug Falcon - 3 ml per 10 water, or Thanos, you should have them in Russia. Today, these are the most powerful drugs specifically for the treatment of already diseased plants and for prevention.

I also forgot to write, look at the instructions, in my opinion Hom is used for late blight, brown spotting, many more diseases, but is fusarium included in this list? It seems not. If not, then there will be no sense from him.

Elena, yes, hom and oxychom is used for phytophore, etc. D, copper containing the drug. I thought they should be sprayed for phytophthora for prevention. And from fusarium, it does not fit at all. From him I spilled trichodermin and sprayed with a phytosparin-resuscitator. I saw a falcon today in a store, but I took Trichodermin again in reserve. They advised that it is better to take it.

Thank you so much!

I am also sad, three days there is wonderful weather, warmth, sunshine. And from tomorrow it rains again, and the temperature at night is 6-8 degrees. Hands drop, fight, fight, and nature crosses your plans and all work, nullifies.

Elena, tomorrow we’ll still have a little sun, and then it will also rain. I’m already allergic to them. Damn, it's also cold, a nightmare in general. So early spring with a surprise Do not lower your hands, well, only for a day or two just to be distracted insulting to tears of course, but what to do. Today I ripped off the tomatoes and almost cried, I remembered how I sowed, how they hatch, how they grew, how they hardened, how they planted. And so on. D. Well, nothing, life goes on, everything will be fine. But there’s a lot that pleases, and most importantly, that we, both our loved ones and relatives are alive and well, everything else is not so important

Yes, Zhannochka, you write everything correctly, there are things much more important than a garden, children, grandchildren. Health, peace. It's just that you and I have such a situation, they sailed, they sailed, and on the shore. Managed. From mid-February, they strangled with seedlings, it flooded you, it washed away from me. Just started to rise all over again again. I’ve read it now, girls from Belarus do not have rains all May; everything dries, drags, poor water in buckets. This is also a disaster. We have one thing, they have another. Unfairly nature distributes the doges, and there is nothing to be done.

Well, nothing, they managed, but honestly, they fought to the end, did what they could, I still believe in balance. If it has disappeared somewhere, then it will arrive elsewhere. All the same, perseverance and work will grind everything, and something strange is going on with the weather, we have been living in this house for 8 years and it has been raining so that the water stands like this

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