What to do if black dots appear on the seedlings

Good day. Do not tell me what kind of black dots on seedlings with cabbage? On one, this blackness ate even half the leaf.

Remove the film, definitely, cover with lutrasil from sunburn. Roses under a film can grow and die, especially tea hybrid. And they withstand up to -7 degrees.

I do not cover with a film, I use only a covering on roses. For me it is a lot of work to nakr. With a film (it’s not suitable for many people), then remove it, cover it with a covering (I have 70 bushes), especially since at this time the kidneys start to grow. Everything is simpler - slightly opened the opposite side from the sun, three days later (a week) took off completely. After trimming, top dressing, etc., etc.

7 of the bushes, how beautiful, I have five left, close to the groundwater, I spent a fortune on them, and they go, two, and die, especially tea hybrid. We were 25, the ground was still frozen, only the garbage was removed from the garlic beds. And I haven’t touched the roses yet.

My daughter has a house in the city, but we have a swamp. One car had to be filled with a car of land (I have three of them). In that year they put a greenhouse of 6 meters, so, apart from garbage, a sand machine and a land machine were dug there to even a little plot. Hellish labor, given that 2 women did it!

I also have a former swamp, Sinyavino, We also set up a hotbed, yesterday my husband bought a sand car, they will bring it on April 5, also 6 meters long, this is the second, then we will order land, everything is like yours. It’s just the second year I’ve been tormented with legs, I had an unsuccessful operation, I can’t walk for a long time, and I planted cucumbers under high arches, my height is small, unlike the weight, so my husband ordered it.

The partition with the door is the same but inside, it divides the greenhouse into 2 and 4 meters, 2 doors at the ends and 2 autm. Air vents upstairs. 40 thousand, turnkey. With installation. And how much did it cost you?

Yes, we have no imported swamps and no matter how. Good luck

We had a frame, three years ago, maybe four, then the prices were different. But he stood without bedding. The year was wet and I fell knee-deep in a greenhouse, I had a shock and we didn’t go into it anymore. And in that year, they brought everything in and dragged it to another place, and 5,000 canes grow. Although they used to plant everything, this is how the ecology is changing.

You have nothing to afford. We have 6 meter 25 thousand

Yes, a bit, reinforcement, fittings, assembly, timber and delivery, and round ones are cheaper, but they do not withstand when there is a lot of snow.

Moshka (

What to do with her?

Visually, no living creatures are visible.

In the garden from midges I sprinkle plants with ash)

What a midge. Cats do not eat plants their larvae roots eat

Have you got this recently? On my cabbage there is such a thing, but not from sores, but due to the fact that when the sprout climbed out of the ground, a seed remained on it and for some time could not dump it.

No, this is not from the seeds, it appeared not so long ago. They are like sores right.

Handle the Fitoverm. It will help for sure.

Thanks, I'll try.

And last year we put the “Kremlin”. The husband hung on the roof on the glands (in it 100kg) held and was not even attached tightly to the beam, it was round, but strong. I like it, and even when the husband himself collected, so what a joy. Automatic vents, very convenient, we leave for 2 days, they themselves regulate ventilation.

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