What to do if holes appear on the leaves of seedlings

What is it and how to deal with it?

Throw out kaku. I have long tried to land in such. Then she threw it all away.

You can transplant, why immediately throw it away. I have 2 packages of these, maybe for cucumbers, zucchini will go

A pot in the mold. Why use it again.

I didn’t like such pots at all, it’s hard to catch the moment with watering, I won’t take them anymore. I would throw it out with the ground and transplant the plant into new soil. In a diaper or a plastic cup and spilled phytosparin. Something like this

The disease of false peat and peat pots is mold. Rescue transplant and throwing out the pot

Personally, I brushed household soap with a toothbrush and then dried the pots into boxes where the ventilation is good and everything is fine, if someone likes me I will be glad. Yes, even from below to make holes for air circulation.

It’s difficult for the roots to sprout through them, they quickly evaporate moisture, I’ve read Galina Kizima and finally abandoned them 🙂

Well, it’s clear that not to use it. The plant needs to be transplanted into another container. I mean, if there are still such pots, if they are in a dry place, and do not fill them, then there will be no mold and can be used for cucumbers and zucchini. Well, I think so, because, in the winter, I also bought such pieces 60 -70, it's a pity to just throw it away.

They talked about mold a lot.

Not even for cucumbers? If you break it off simply then, and drop it off?

Clear 🙂

This is for each his own, I did not like the experience of the 3rd year, but I was convinced of that. Not mine 🙁

I agree with you

I also don’t like peat pots. It is recommended to plant directly with a pot in the ground. I planted once. The ants were happy! That's who they like these pots, it's them. Everything had to be torn out of the ground and thrown away.

I landed in such cabbage in the open ground, why the roots do not break through? what to do now?

Take a look. My cucumbers froze on 3 sheets: (that year in these pots. Maybe they were substandard 🙁

Now I’m sitting and thinking what to do, dig something back, they have already gone to growth.

It’s better to transplant, these pots are made of cardboard, but I think something in the composition, I refused them for a long time, everything dies in them, or is developing poorly.

I use it for the first time, but I didn’t like them right away when I started using it, they dry out quickly.

Break the pot neatly when planting and throw it away, I think everything will be fine)

It is necessary to transplant it from the ground again, they are already in the garden under cover.

I planted cucumbers when I never used these pots

I was tearing. But they decay for a long time in the earth. But still I’ll put it in such glasses.

And when landing in the ground I’ll take them off and throw them into compost.

How many people have so many opinions, last year almost all the seedlings grew in peat pots and planted in them, but in the autumn, when digging the beds, almost all the pots did not decompose, and collected everything in compost. They make a fool of our brother.

When landing in the ground, tear off affairs, there is still a lot of time for you to see the roots breaking through or not. I planted in such and strawberries and tomatoes all ok. It all depends on the quality of the pots, but it is advisable to remove the bottom

Tear off the bottom 🙂

And before landing in the ground, soaked in a basin for some time

Milk less

Here I look at my rstishki eggplant stand still, but in plastic good. Now I’m surviving into plastic at hand, and also pepper is planted in them all. Horror. It's a pity to survive it, the acorns in eggplants are panicky No. You think the best, but It’s like how

The second of the “peat”

Tell me, pepper will hurt for a long time after transplantation

The first time I plant myself, and study with us in the group

And I threw out all the peat pots, horror, as they do not like.

Already threw it too, True Kiwano sprouts at 3

If watering will be good. Then the roots will sprout through the walls and if there is little moisture the pot will be like iron.

Thank you, I transplanted everything, I didn’t take risks, there’s still time to grow up, or else I’ll die, True, now they were in boxes, one by one, and now a bunch, I think they have enough power, the box is deep

The first time planted in peat pots. I will no longer and do not advise anyone. See for yourself the difference in eggplant.

Good morning. I have the same story with all the pots with mold. And they are very dry. Took a sample this year I did not like

My little grasshopper ate like that. Caught red-handed

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