How to treat plants from caterpillars

Good day! How to handle caterpillars?


Is it incomprehensible something fruit? If there is no human FOOD on the bush, then of course with an insecticide - quickly and reliably. I have eaten all the birds for 1 raid)

Is it a shoot of currant?

Karbofos, we brought these two months ago

this is red currant

from currants it is easier to collect or rinse from a hose, and then collect

thanks! we’ll try to wash it off, I gathered everyone yesterday

she still doesn’t like tomato leaves and ash, sprinkle under a bush ... And in order to catch the butterflies themselves or check whether they are still there or not, put a bucket with something fermented ... they’ll all drown there)

and after processing you can eat berries?

yes, only rinse well

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