What to plant in a hanging pot

I want to hang small flowerpots or pots and plant flowers in them, wherever possible. Hanging and not necessary. What flowers will look the most profitable in them and what features of care for such hanging flowerpots / pots exist?


Choosing an assortment of colors for a hanging basket, you need, firstly, to evaluate the lighting conditions. Secondly, it is worth deciding on the color scheme. In hanging baskets, ampelous or cascading varieties of surfinia, nasturtium, caliberhoa and, especially, petunia look very nice. Here also bush plants - viola, marigolds, verbena - will feel good and look good. As for leaving. Flowers in a hanging planter require careful care. Feeding takes a special place here. After all, there is little soil and useful substances are washed out during irrigation. So complex flower fertilizers should be applied more often. And it should be watered much more often than flower beds, otherwise the plants may simply dry out. It is desirable that the planter was with a pallet. Then the moisture in the soil will remain in them longer. Watering is necessary so that the water completely fills the pan. Well, do not forget about drainage.

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What to plant in a hanging pot

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