Will aquilegia blossom in the first year

Sadovodochki, will the aquilegia bloom in the first year if it is now planted on the balcony (Moscow region)?

She seems to bloom in her second year.

I planted seedlings, bloomed in the first year. Now she sows and blossoms herself.

Thanks. Now is not too late yet?

I honestly don’t remember the timing. Usually on the bag write the landing dates.

I planted a couple of days ago, hand over if the place allows! And on my bags it is stated that it is perennial!

And on mine. I’m writing about what I bought for beauty) and now I understand that there’s nothing to plant, maybe they won’t winter on the balcony, and it’s not worth planting greens just

Planted in a snail or in a tray? In the snail, it hasn’t come up with me for a week now.

I put in a bowl! She's slow-witted. Rises for a long time!

Julia advised to do the scarification of seeds, like a delphinium.

Last year sowed. It sprang up for a very long time. Not bloomed.

I really wanted to throw it out 🙂

They will bite themselves

Take your time, always have time to throw out!

Let it not bloom, but it has risen 🙂 this year should bloom

I hope 🙂

I got terry on, they planted 3 packs, not a single sprout. I think in the autumn to sow in the garden

The first year is weak. But then please the eye!

Did you do a scarification? or what other processing. It seems to have seen somewhere, you soaked her.

Yes, I soaked one variety, and the other one directly sowed like that, Just for an experiment!

Thanks! I will wait for this slow-thinking 🙂

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