Wetland, what to do

Hello! Please help me find a way out. We bought a nice, cozy house in the country. Near the forest, excellent neighbors, not far from the city. But, our site is very boggy. What can be done in this case? How to equip it?


Do not worry so much. From this site you can make a wonderful garden. The truth will take some time and patience. But this applies not only to wetlands. To get rid of excess water, create a drainage system or arrange a small pond in the lowest place. For a lawn it is necessary to drain those sites where you plan to break it. To do this, in the center of the lawns you need to make small tanks into which water will collect. It will turn out very original. The presence of peat and other natural fertilizers in such soil allows you to plant ornamental plants that love an acidic environment. But you have to add sand and turfy soil to it. But it is not necessary to do it all over the site, but only in those places where you will plant something.

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