Juniper Skyrocket: description and features of cultivation

Juniper "Skyrocket" got its name due to the shape of the crown. This graceful tree really looks like a rocket aimed at the sky.

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Juniper "Skyrocket" is one of the varieties of rock juniper, which was bred at the end of the century before last. In nature, its "ancestors" grow on the mountainous rocky slopes of the United States and northern Mexico, are also found in British Columbia and Canada. It was from them that the juniper "Skyrocket" got its advantages: winter hardiness and undemanding to the soil.

In nature, rocky species of trees from the cypress family reach a height of 10 to 20 meters. The cultivar "Skyrocket" in comparison with wild plants seems to be a crumb. After all, it can reach a maximum of 8 meters. But to stretch this way, the tree will need about 20 years.

The tree has a very decorative look due to the peculiar color of the needles and the shape of the crown. Close to the trunk branches have a beautiful bluish-bluish tint. They grow almost from the very base of the trunk, so the tree has the shape of a slender column.

The annual growth of a tree trunk in height is 15 - 20 cm, and in width it grows only 5 cm. Thus, at the age of 10 years, the juniper "heavenly rocket" will have a crown radius of 80 cm to 1 m and a height of about 3 meters.

The tree has a developed root system and is well kept on light soils.

Juniper Skyrocket: Description

Juniper cultivation and care

Juniper rocky "Skyrocket" is very unpretentious to the soil. But he prefers slightly acid loams. But the tree makes high demands on light. Planting a seedling should be done in sunny areas not blown by the winds. For example, a line along the fence of the site on the sunny (south or southeast) side would be a great place.

For planting in a permanent place, it is better to purchase young seedlings with a height of not more than 1 meter. After all, the younger the tree, the easier it acclimatizes to new living conditions.

Usually seedlings are sold in containers. To transplant a young tree, you need to thoroughly moisten the earthen lump in which it grows. A pit for planting a seedling needs to be prepared twice as large in diameter than an earthen lump with roots.

The planting of juniper rocky is carried out by the method of transshipment as follows:

  1. Carefully remove the seedling with a moist earthen lump from the container.
  2. We put it in the prepared pit.
  3. We fall asleep with a mixture of peat, turf land and sand in equal proportions.
  4. Tamp the ground around the seedling.

Although the juniper trees are quite resistant to drought, the young plant needs to be regularly watered for 2-3 years after planting in a permanent place, and also sprayed in the summer.

Winter plant care consists of tying branches (how to connect a purchased Christmas tree for transportation). This is necessary so that under the weight of the snow cover the branches do not fall apart and do not break.

In early spring, before the intensive movement of the juice, dried and damaged branches should be removed from the tree.

Although the juniper "Skyrocket" does not need the artificial formation of the crown, it transfers the haircut without any problems.

If aphids or caterpillars suddenly attack the plant (this happens extremely rarely), you can use chemicals to control these pests. It can be, for example, Confidor. But it is better to use folk remedies, because in the garden there are always insects and birds eating pests. And if parasites reappear after treatment with strong drugs, then in a natural way they can no longer be destroyed.

Juniper in landscape design

A variety of cypress trees are widely used in landscape design. But the rocky juniper is undeservedly given little attention. But with it you can create very original garden compositions. In combination with rounded low-growing shrubs, the columnar juniper will create a beautiful landscape and will be a peculiar accent spot in it.

From these trees an excellent hedge is formed. It will be not only very decorative, but also functional due to the height of the trees. From the juniper rocky "Skyrocket" also create alleys, for example, on the way to the house. Symmetrically arranged pairs of these trees frame the entrance to the house very nicely.

How to plant juniper

Rocky juniper is indispensable in designing a Mediterranean-style garden. Here he will create a spectacular accent spot, for example, on a rocky hill or against the wall of a house.

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