All about Blueberry Bluegold

Blueberry Bluegold was bred in the USA by Arlen Draper, a famous breeder, in 1989. This valuable berry is appreciated and successfully used to treat many diseases. It can be eaten and also used as a medicine. Tasty berries contain a lot of organic acids, namely: malic, citric, oxalic, ascorbic. It is also rich in the phenolic form of compounds: flavonoid, phenolic acid. With the help of these compounds, vital processes occur in the human body.

Thanks to them, blood capillaries are strengthened, vitamin C is better absorbed, and the process of oxidative and reduction reactions is facilitated. The work of the endocrine glands improves.

With the help of flavonoids, inflammatory, tumor processes are reduced. The body resists radiation better. It has anti-sclerotic and vasodilating properties.

Coffee, chlorgenic, phenoxy acid and other species have diuretic, choleretic actions. Strengthen blood vessels, capillaries. The berry contains tannins, pectin and coloring matter. With their help, the binding and removal of heavy and radioactive metal from the body occurs.

Blueberries are very popular, and most importantly, it is rightly evaluated in medical diets as the most powerful producer of organic acids against all fruits, berries and vegetables. Doctors recommend eating raw berries instead of eating them in pastry desserts. Raw aromatic blueberries have many advantages over jam from it.

Useful properties of blueberries

After many years of research on the beneficial properties of the plant, scientists have found it very necessary in the treatment of the nervous system to improve memory. The study involved older people (on average up to 75 years). For twelve weeks, they consumed blueberries every day. After conducting special tests, an improvement in memory and vision was noted. All participants in the experiment used vegetable raw materials in the form of freshly squeezed juice in the amount of one and a half cups every day. In fact, a large number of berries were eaten.

The participants in this experiment left excellent reviews, they were pleased with the results and noticed that blueberries are useful not only for improving memory. It slows down the aging process, protects against heart disease, and in some cases helps against cancer.

At the same time, these are inconclusive studies. It is believed that blueberries can relax the walls of blood vessels, which can reduce the risk of atherosclerosis by strengthening the arteries. Atherosclerosis increases the risk of a heart attack.

In a small study conducted in 2015, 48 women were recruited after menopause. For eight weeks they were given berry. At the end of the experiment, a decrease in blood pressure was observed.

Numerous studies have proved that with the inclusion of blueberries in your diet, the risk of obesity, diabetes is reduced, and complexion improves. People feel energetic, full of strength and health.

To consume blueberries throughout the year, you can freeze it in the refrigerator. Berry perfectly retains all its beneficial properties in frozen form. It is stored at a temperature of 0 ̊ -17̊ C, or even below these numbers. For six months, the researchers did not find a decrease in valuable substances in the berry.

In order for the blueberry to benefit you, it is recommended to eat about three servings during the day (this is about three cups). It's amazing how many berries fit in one cup. In 1-2 g of this valuable product is about 100-150 pieces! Given the wide variety of nutrients found in blueberries, it is recommended to use it for the "defenses" of our body.

About varieties of blueberries

To collect the berry, you need to work hard. It grows in dense forests. It is necessary to go more than one kilometer to gain the right amount. People found a way out and began to grow culture in their gardens and plots.

Wild blueberries began their cultivation recently, just a hundred years ago. Therefore, along with other types of garden crops, she is very young. Blueberries can also be used as ornamental plants. According to consumption, it ranks second in popularity among berries. The first place is taken by strawberries.

There are many varieties of blueberries. All varieties have certain characteristics. They include the expected yield of the berry, its size, ability to withstand certain weather conditions. The best varieties give a large number of berries of large sizes and, of course, with high taste. When choosing a variety, climatic conditions must be taken into account. Pick berries that have passed adaptation in the area.

Blueberry “Bluegold”

Blueberry Bluegold

This variety is suitable for harvesting using special machines. It tolerates transportation very well, perfectly stored, frozen. When frozen, retains all its useful qualities.

This is one of the most popular species. It has juicy, fragrant light blue berries. They have thick flesh. Blueberries Bluegold can be a decorative decoration in your garden. A beautiful and lush bush will complement any garden design. The only inconvenience is the rapid growth of blueberries, requiring frequent pruning.

Bluegold belongs to the early varieties. The berry becomes brightly colored from the very beginning of summer. In July, in the middle of the month, it fully ripens. Only 4.5 kg of berries are picked from one bush.

This variety is frost-resistant even at an air temperature of 35 ° C. It is better to grow it in areas of the north. The weak side of this berry is its peculiarity to mummify during hot summers.

Tall Blueberry Care

Landing Features

When growing blueberries, some rules must be observed. In order for the sapling to tolerate adaptation well and give a good harvest in the future, be sure to plant it in acidic soil. It is impossible to plant a plant in peat soil.

If there is no acid soil, you can plant a bush in mixed soil, consisting of several types of soil. For example, coniferous sawdust, peat and sand. The soil should make it possible for the plant to breathe, to let moisture in to feed the root system. For landing, select a site protected from the wind, with good lighting. Water the plant.

Blueberries love regular watering.

If it rains frequently, you can not water it, but in the heat of the berry you need regular watering. Due to the lack of moisture and nutrients, shrubs bloom poorly, reduce the number of flower buds, and this leads to a decrease in yield.

With neutral or alkaline soils on garden plots, you can plant blueberries in a specially prepared pit. Dig a shallow hole about 50x50 cm wide, about half a meter wide. On the sides, lay a hole with a film (PVC), a layer from the top peat (substrate), sand, sawdust needles are poured on the bottom. Fertilizing soil with humus from needles will be a great addition. Nitroammophoski is added about 30 g.

Blueberry Bluegold in the garden is a very good solution. She is not picky and demanding, has good fruiting and can perform a decorative function.

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