Mushrooms mushrooms: description and recipes

Mushroom mushrooms unite a whole group of species from the genus Mlechnik (Lactarius). A distinctive feature of the group are yellowish-pink or orange-red coloration of the fruiting body, as well as the isolation of a reddish milky juice on a slice. Redheads are characterized by excellent taste and high nutritional qualities, which is why in many countries this mushroom is called delicious.

Description and characteristics of the fungus

Redheads have a bright red color and a reddish tint, due to the high content of beta-carotene. False saffron mushrooms do not exist, so it is almost impossible to collect poisonous mushrooms that have red hats that look like saffron mushrooms. Inexperienced mushroom pickers sometimes confuse saffron mushrooms with conditionally edible and less valuable pink throats. (Lactarius torminosus), which secrete a colorless milky juice and have a very pubescent cap surface.

Currently, the description and characteristics of the most common species of camelina are known to almost all experienced mushroom pickers.

Saffron nameDescription of the mushroom capDescription of the legs of the mushroomBotanical features
Real (lat Lactarius deliciosus)Convex, with time it becomes funnel-like, smooth with gloss and slight stickiness. Has an orange color and darker concentric rings or spots.Medium-sized, plain with a hat, cylindrical, narrowing at the base, hollowAbundant secretion of orange staining of milky juice with a thick consistency with a fruity smell
Spruce (Lactarius deterrimus)Convex shape with tubercle and bent down edges. In adult specimens, it is flat-concave or funnel-shaped, brittle, covered with orange, with dark skin zonesCylindrical, very brittle, hollow, one color with a hat, green on the cutIsolation of non-caustic red milky juice, green under the influence of air
Red (Lactarius sanguifluus)Flat or convex, fairly dense and fleshy, covered with smooth orange and shiny skinCylindrical, narrowing at the base, powdery coatingThe resulting milky juice under the influence of air acquires a very characteristic purplish-brown coloration
Japanese (Lactarius japonicus)Almost flat and depressed in the center, with distinctly curved edges. Over time, the surface acquires a funnel shape and clearly visible concentric surface zones of ocher or light terracotta stainingFragile, with a characteristic cavity inside, bright red-orange staining, with the presence of a white strip on the topSignificant discharge on the cut of blood-red or reddish-orange milky juice

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Beneficial features

Beta-carotene contained in the flesh of saffron milk can be converted into retinol or vitamin A. In addition, the pulp of the mushroom contains:

  • vitamin C;
  • thiamine;
  • riboflavin;
  • niacin;
  • easily digestible fiber;
  • basic ash substances;
  • saccharides.

The undeniable benefits of saffron milk and their nutritional value are also due to the presence of minerals, including iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and calcium. One of the most valuable components of the pulp of fruiting bodies is the natural antibiotic produced by saffron milk called lactrioviolin, which is characterized by a powerful effect that is detrimental to the growth of most bacterial species of pathogenic microflora.

Mushroom pulp is actively used in the treatment of bacterial inflammation. Ginger mushrooms are easily digestible and valuable mushrooms, acting as a source of protein. Useful properties made mushrooms very popular not only in our country, but also abroad.

What do mushrooms look like?

Distribution area

Redheads are considered inhabitants of coniferous forests. Mushrooms should be collected from July to September. These mushrooms most often grow in areas abundantly moist, warm and well-lit. Sometimes the "royal sun mushroom" grows on open and well-lit edges.

It was such sites that were popular among chanterelles popular among fans of quiet hunting. The decisive factor for the spread of edible fungi is the substrate. Almost all species of camelina grow in dry pine forests. Some species are found in mixed forests. Fruit bodies are scattered in groups.

How to cook: the best recipes for the winter

Salted and pickled rye mushrooms are a fairly high-calorie product; they surpass meat products, including beef and chicken, in terms of energy value. Redheads serve as a source of amino acids and as a substitute for high-grade protein foods for vegetarians, and are widely used for winter harvesting.

After salting, the mushrooms change the spectacular orange color to a greenish-brown, which does not adversely affect the taste. To taste properly cooked mushrooms strongly resemble salty breasts or thrills. The preparation of salted and pickled saffron mushrooms is simple:

  • collected mushrooms must be carefully, but thoroughly cleaned to remove all plant forest debris;
  • in clean and dry glass or enameled dishes, put prepared mushrooms in dense layers with a thickness of 5-7 cm downwards with hats, each layer is sprinkled with salt at the rate of 50 g per kilogram of mushrooms;
  • a wooden circle and a load are placed on top of the mushroom layers.

Mushrooms salted in this way are ready for use in about a month and a half.

Hot marinated mushrooms are prepared according to the following recipe:

  • it is necessary to boil water and add salt to it, as well as citric acid to taste;
  • sterilize prepared jars in a microwave oven and boil seaming lids for several minutes;
  • prepared mushrooms should be lowered into boiling marinade and boiled for 15-20 minutes;
  • boiled mushrooms in the marinade should be put in jars, and then pour mushroom broth.

Ready-made jars of mushrooms should immediately be corked, and then turn upside down and cover. This appetizer is not only completely safe, but also incredibly tasty.

Redheads are also widely used for making mushroom assortment and mushroom caviar, and have proven themselves as a filling for pies. Soup from fresh saffron milk come out very rich and fragrant. Of mushroom first courses, not only ordinary soups are popular, but also delicious and very healthy cream soups and mashed soups.

Making saffron mushrooms

Despite the fact that, according to the description, saffron mushrooms have some similarities with russula common in our forests, these representatives of the vast mushroom kingdom are significantly superior in taste to most of their counterparts and are valued even higher than boletus mushrooms by many experienced mushroom pickers.

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