Will Kalanchoe survive

Dear flower growers! About three months ago, I cut off the top of the Kalanchoe, because flooded the roots! Are there any chances for the development and life of the flower? thanks a lot

Oh girls, it’s difficult with them ((They are plants of a 10-hour day, therefore they bloom either in winter or in a poorly lit room (they stretch out terribly). Now I’m experimenting - I’m doing it a 10-hour day. I'll tell you later)

on mine instead of new leaves grows as if an outgrowth! Do you think growth has stopped or can it somehow go up ???

they are tenacious horror))) something will come out, do not worry))

and on my kalanchoychik some garbage grew up. Can you tell me what it is and what it is with?))) In the photo at the bottom left, like some balls and some of them are small. What miracle is it?

I don’t even have a clue))) there are a lot of oddities with this miracle ... I don’t like Kalanchoe, then it blossoms, then it doesn’t, it stretches out. terrible horror))) Mom gave last winter yellow and red .... The purchases were beautiful, but now ugly ... They will not bloom after the experiment, so I’ll throw it away!

I cut it so that there is a hat. If you don’t cut it, it stretches out a lot. I have such a freak (first experience) And I’m sorry to throw it, it blooms year-round. Already a meter up, the stem is bare, and there are flowers on the top.

that's what I'm talking about

I would put the leaves in the water and when I let the roots root them. And with this, anyway, handsome can no longer work out.

I did so! There were 4 leaves, I kept them in the water, the roots appeared and I planted them! And here is what grows up! Like a cork

maybe you flooded the top

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