Tips for pruning black and red currants in autumn for beginners

Cutting currants in autumn for beginners is required to get a good harvest, since the fruits appear mainly on young shoots that are no more than two years old. Old shoots have almost no berries, but they slow down the growth of young ones. How to prune currant bushes?

What is autumn pruning for?

Pruning an old bush of currant is no less important than fertilizing or watering. In the case of currants, the external aesthetic qualities of the plant do not matter, which is how they differ from a large number of other shrubs. Autumn pruning helps to achieve the following:

  1. Significantly increase the level of productivity from one bush.
  2. To increase the quality characteristics of berries, as old shoots do not create obstacles to the growth of new ones.
  3. Increase the percentage of sun rays: blackcurrant yield more, the fruits are saturated with vitamins.
  4. Increase the period when the plant blooms and bears fruit by 20 years.
  5. Stimulate the influx of micro and macro elements, as well as vitamins to the stems where the fruits develop.

When deciding how to cut currants, it is worth considering that such a procedure is required not only by the plant itself, but also by the gardener, since the task of harvesting is simplified: the bush has a shaped contour and is small in size.

Another reason for removing old shoots is that they can be affected by a glass-case, the larvae of which begin to eat away the core of the shoot, which significantly weakens the shrub. As a result, the appearance of such a dangerous disease as anthracnose is possible.

Pruning blackcurrant bushes in autumn

Simple pruning scheme for beginners: when to start, care after pruning

Regardless of the type of currant, it requires a large amount of light to form tasty and large fruits, that is, pruning red currants in autumn, like black ones, has its own rules. The scheme will be as follows:

  1. The fundamental goal is to lighten the bush - to give the plant as much light as possible to the shoots inside the bush, if they are left. An adult bush at the age of 4-5 years consists of 6 large shoots or less, which go from the base. Moreover, their age should not be more than 5 years.
  2. Pruning black currants in autumn, like other plants, starts from the base of the bush, that is, from the ground - all old shoots that are more than 5 years old are removed. Although they may have excellent external qualities and well-formed lateral shoots, over time, their fruitfulness will decrease more and more.
  3. Zero shoots (which are obtained this year) are removed. Such shoots are left only in the case of a large plant age, when it is assumed that they will bear fruit for a maximum of a couple of years. However, in this case, it is worth removing the bush completely, and cut the cuttings from good shoots. Another important advantage of currant pruning is the preparation of cuttings that can perfectly root under the winter.
  4. Next, you need to move up the main shoot - all intersecting lateral gains of the current and last year are removed. It is worth remembering the task: lightening the bush is required. It is not necessary to maintain gains that are in doubt, because sunlight may not break through them, which will ultimately lead to poor productivity.
  5. The top of the shoot of blackcurrant is not removed - buds begin to form on it, which are prerequisites for the harvest in the next years. However, there are exceptions: shoots have twisted leaves, mainly this is evidence of the presence of anthracnose; on the shoot there is a large number of thick buds - infection with a tick, in which case it is better to cut off the entire shoot; if the top is thin and green, then the shoot is removed, since it still will not survive the winter.

Some tips

In autumn, after the harvest has been harvested, the unripe and infected tops are removed and infected with diseases or pests. Escaping may require heavy pruning, but it is best to remove it completely.

Particular attention is paid to hollow core branches. The back door inside them indicates the presence of a glass-larva larva, which is a dangerous pest. Such branches need to be removed and burned without regret.

With the complexity of determining the age of the shoot, it is worth taking a closer look at the bark and wood - the old shoots are dark in color.

Not only six-year-old shoots are removed, but also weakened ones, as well as those that touch the ground.

It is possible to intensify the harvest when pruning shoots that are older than 3 years, as well as those that grew less than 20 cm during the season. Old branches are removed at the soil level. The maximum height of the hemp should be 2-3 cm in order to prevent the growth of tops having a common root with an obsolete shoot. All saw cuts need to be treated with garden var.

How to prune currant bushes

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