How to sculpt pies: tips and instructions

Young hostesses often wonder "how to make pies." And there are many options. The shape of the pie can also be different - from the usual boat to a triangular envelope. And the dough from which it will be made also affects the beauty and quality of the molding. Let's get it right.

How to Wrap Yeast Dough Pies

This dough is suitable for a wide variety of pies and rolls. The situation with the filling is similar: sweet, savory, vegetable, meat, fruit, etc. The type of filling also determines how best to wrap the pie so that it not only holds tight, but also is beautiful.

Standard way:

  1. From the approached dough we pluck off a lump of dough. A piece the size of 2 walnuts will be enough for one pie. But this value can be changed depending on your wishes.
  2. Let the lumps lie down and walk another 15 minutes.
  3. Now put it on your palm (it should be powdered with flour) and use your fingers to turn it into a cake.
  4. Put the filling in the center of the cake (it should not be wet).
  5. Let's combine the edges of the tortillas and press them against each other with your finger.
  6. We put the pie on the table, powdered with flour, and pull our seam up, further compressing the edges. The main thing here is not to overdo it, so as not to break them.
  7. If you plan to fry them in a pan, then it is better to pull the edges to the middle and slightly crush the pie in the center. Thus, during the frying process, the dough inside will not be raw. And you need to fry immediately, seam down.
  8. If this is a pie, then the location of the seam is not important. So, if the seam is ordinary, you can hide it below and get a beautiful and magnificent cake. And if the seam is twisted (fingers wrap the seam during sculpting, imposing a new twist on the previous one), then you can leave it on top. But at the same time, grease the egg yolk whipped with water so that the seam does not part when baking.

How to make beautiful puff pastry pies

The most diverse pastries are also made from this test. From croissants and buns to various tortillas.

Standard way:

  1. This dough alone is rarely made because of the complexity of the process. Its store version is sold in the form of a square or rectangle. The latter is more common. And in order not to damage the layers of the dough, it is slightly rolled out without changing its original shape. The table should be well sprinkled with flour.
  2. Cut it with a sharp knife in the center of the long side, and also divide the resulting 2 halves into medium-sized squares. Usually from the middle sheet of dough you get 8 pies.
  3. A lump of filling is placed in the middle of each piece.
  4. Then you need to roll the ends of one side to the other and close them up. This can be done with a fork and get not only strong, but also beautiful edges.

Triangular method 1:

  1. The first three points are similar to the previous option.
  2. Now you need to blind the edges of one side of the square with its lateral part, and attach the remaining sides to them so that you have a pyramid or triangle.
  3. Grease the top with yolk mixture.

Triangular method 2:

  1. To do this, cut the dough layer in the center of the long side.
  2. Cut the resulting stripes into isosceles triangles.
  3. The filling is laid out in the center of the mold.
  4. Connect the edges and get a flat triangle.

The edges can be pressed with a fork and make them wavy.

Puff yeast dough

There are also many options for baking, both in terms of filling and shape. Most often, such pies are made square or rectangular (as described above). You can make them a little non-standard, but at the same time incredibly beautiful and tasty.


  1. If you have store dough, then its shape is usually similar to puff pastry. Therefore, we also roll it into a layer that needs to be cut in the middle.
  2. Cut the long pieces to get 6 squares or rectangles.
  3. Each piece needs to be rolled out, slightly lengthening it.
  4. The filling should be soft, with the texture of plasticine. We spread it all over a piece without reaching a few millimeters to the edge.
  5. Roll the pie along the long side into a roll and slightly blind its edges.
  6. Wrap the resulting roll in a snail, twisting one end into a spiral to the other. Protect the junction.
  7. We put on the proofing and after that you can send the pies to the oven.

Open snail:

  1. To do this, the dough is rolled into a layer, but not cut, and immediately lubricated with filling.
  2. After that, they roll it into a roll and pinch a long edge.
  3. With a sharp knife, cut the pieces and spread them on a baking sheet with the open side.
  4. You can sprinkle the sweet filling on top with sugar and set to bake after proofing.

Do not be afraid to show imagination and move a little away from step-by-step instructions.

From shortcrust pastry

Of this test, cookies, pastries and cakes are most often made. Pies from them are made only with a sweet filling. And in fact, it is more like a closed cake than a pie.

There are 4 options:

  1. The standard way of making a pie is based on the principle of yeast dough. For him, he does not need time for proofing, you need to bake such pies right away.
  2. Any of the methods of modeling puff and puff yeast dough is perfect. Also without proofing.
  3. Roll the ball, slightly crush it in the center. In the recess, put, for example, half a peach. Sprinkle it with sugar and put in the oven. Filling, maybe any.
  4. To carry out manipulations similarly to the previous version, only pull the edges on four sides up and fasten over the filling. Grease with yolk mixture before baking.


  1. Puff pastry can not be fried in oil in a pan, otherwise it will completely lose its structure.
  2. Sugar can sprinkle pies both before proofing, and update after it.
  3. If in a pie it is bad to dazzle the edges, then when frying the seam will open and the whole filling will fall out.
  4. Puff and shortbread dough does not like long sculpting.
  5. Beginners are better off starting with simple and standard ways of making pies. The same applies to the filling. Complex options may not work out the first time and discourage the desire to create.

Wet fillings are the most difficult to work with, before applying them, the place to be laid must be abundantly sprinkled with starch so that the juice does not make the dough liquid.

How to sculpt pies beautifully

Pies and their modeling are a flight of your imagination. Having mastered the basic techniques, you can easily start making incredible culinary masterpieces, not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of appearance.

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