Growing a water lily from a bulb

Good day! I was on the lake, I saw a floating water lily. When I got it, instead of the roots there was a bulb. It resembles pineapple in size and shape, the buds were rotten, as the lily simply floated. He tore off large leaves, cleaned the tuber from rot at home and cut everything off at the end, leaving only the top of the tuber with a growth point, since the rest was rotten and smelled very bad. I put the tuber in a bucket of water, tomorrow I want to drop it into a small river in the country, but I have a few questions. How to process a slice? Is there any need to do this? How to plant her? The adult leaves were quite long, and if they are planted in shallow water, will the leaves adapt to shallow water? There are no roots at all, there are only at the junction of leaves and tuber primordia. Should I remove the small buds? Nothing will happen if the leaves spend one night in the air, and the tuber and the growth point in the water? Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures! 🙂


Maxim, if there was rot on the bulb, it is advisable to treat it with ash or activir. Charcoal. If the leaves do not spend the night on the surface of the water, absolutely nothing will happen to them. In my pond, they stick out above the surface of the water by themselves. How to plant, just stick deeper into the silty bottom, see 10. If the pond is artificial, there is no silt or sand, you can pick up ordinary garden soil and stick it there. And then put the pot in water. They bloom well when the pond is lit all day by the sun.

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