Note to flower growers: when to get dahlias from the basement

Dahlias are very beautiful and unusual flowers. But growing and caring for them requires knowledge about when to get dahlias from the basement, in what soil they land and at what time. The birthplace of this flower is Mexico. History says that even the ancient Aztecs used the tubers of this plant for food. He has several names, but it was the dahlia that was firmly entrenched in him.

This type of plant has a huge classification, thanks to its beauty there are already more than 20 thousand of its species. All of them are divided into classes, each of which has its own difference mainly in appearance. Growing such a flower yourself is not so difficult. One has only to know the basic rules of cultivation.

This flower has a root in the form of tubers, it is they who at some time let out massive sprouts from their upper part, which will be new plants in the future. They are divided into several parts with a knife. Tubers can be grown independently and stored until planting in the basement, or can be purchased at a flower shop, where they are sold in bags and stored in cool and dry conditions. The tubers are dug up in the fall and placed in boxes with sawdust, which, in turn, are placed in a dry and cool place, the basement is ideal for this. In this form, they are stored until spring.

How to prepare dahlias for planting

Germination time

After winter, tubers are removed from the basement in early spring. Some gardeners recommend getting them out of the cellar in late March or early April. It all depends on the type of flower and the region in which they will be planted. Tubers are obtained and carefully checked for quality. Rotten or dry, yellow and with long thin sprouts are unsuitable, plants from them if they grow, they will be painful and weak. For the development of flowers, quality tubers are essential.

After the tubers are selected, experts recommend soaking them for several hours in fungicidal preparations for the prevention of many diseases. Before this, they need to be blackened, that is, separated by the method of cutting the germ from a part of the tuber. If their buds are insufficiently sprouted, many experts recommend placing them in boxes with peat and sawdust, a layer spills out small, about 7 cm, to prevent diaper rash.

Boxes are stored in a warm room with a temperature of no more than 20ºC. After that, sprouts are planted in containers prepared with fertilized soil in a layer of 20 cm in advance, and sprinkled with river sand on a layer of no more than 5-7 cm. Each seedling is planted to a depth of 5 cm and a distance of at least 10 cm between them is kept. Pots or containers are placed. with sprouts on a windowsill or in a warm room. In strong light, sprouts need to be pritenit.

Some people prefer to use mini-greenhouses: they take up little space, are very convenient and create the necessary greenhouse effect. If the sprouts were planted in a container, and not in a pot, then after a couple of weeks, they should be transplanted into pots after they are strong. About one month, the sprout in greenhouse conditions is gaining strength, and frosts end on the street and a certain air temperature is established, which means that you can already pull out young shoots. Many gardeners do not complicate the planting process by strengthening and germinating young shoots. After wintering and selecting healthy tubers, they are simply soaked overnight in water and the next day they are already planted in open ground. This happens no earlier than June.

The soil warms up by the sun and is ready for planting. It must be fertilized before planting, for example, with compost. It loosens well, which makes it possible to penetrate and enrich the soil with oxygen. Wells are created for dahlia tubers. It is worth planting them very carefully, without damaging the young and delicate shoots. During planting, it is worth considering the distance between the flowers: it should be from 25 cm to 0.5 m, depending on the variety of dahlias.

Landing occurs in mid-May, if the weather does not make its own adjustments.

After planting in open ground, young shoots appear after 2 weeks. If frost occurs at night, then they can destroy the young plant. In order to avoid freezing, with a certain forecast, you can cover the flower. Most gardeners are reinsured and are not in a hurry to plant their flowers, but keep them in pots until June.

The following points must be considered:

  1. In March, more precisely, in its second decade, the dahlia is taken out of the basement after winter storage and prepared for planting.
  2. In the third decade of May, and sometimes in the early days of June, a flower is planted in open ground in a permanent place.

When growing this type of flower, its appearance and local climatic conditions play an important role. It will be useful for beginners to collect the necessary information on growing dahlias or watch a video when to get dahlias after winter. The plant is unpretentious, and with proper cultivation and observing the necessary measures of winter storage, this flower will be a wonderful decoration for any garden.

How to plant dahlias

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