Growing remontant strawberries.

I want to plant a repair strawberry. What kind of strawberries can you recommend to plant in your country house? How difficult is it to look after and what are the subtleties and features if you grow such strawberries? Thanks for the tips.


The main feature of such strawberries is the ability to produce several crops per season. It is best to grow several varieties at once. For example, varieties have proven themselves: Albion and Mount Everest.

  • Pure varieties are obtained from seed cultivation.
  • It is best planted in peat tablets or pots.
  • After planting, we spray the earth from the spray gun and cover it with plastic wrap.
  • After the seeds germinate on a sunny windowsill or in a greenhouse, they can be planted in the ground.
  • You need to plant strawberries in a sunny place, it is better if its predecessors were vegetable crops, in fertilized, dug up and well-moistened ground.
  • After planting, mulch the soil with straw or dried grass. To dig into the earth is not deep.
  • The distance between the plants is preferably left at about 35 - 40 cm.
  • Landing is carried out in cloudy and rainy weather, so that it is better taken root.
  • To preserve varietal traits, strawberries are propagated by the first generation mustache.
  • In one place, strawberries are grown up to 4 years.

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