Almond tree cultivation in Moscow and central regions of Russia

My husband and I have been doing summer cottage for a long time and we have a huge garden in the country, in which a variety of trees and shrubs, even lemons, peaches, tangerines, grow. We really want to plant and grow an almond tree.

Tell me, please, who knows which varieties are more successful for the central region?



In fact, almonds are a heat-loving culture, so for growing it is necessary to create special conditions. Only two types are suitable for the central regions - low almonds of the Stepnoy variety and three-lobed almonds. But I would advise you to buy low almond seedlings in the nursery, it is more unpretentious and practically not capricious, besides it is frost-hardy, but loves moist soils. Steppe almonds are with pink and white flowers, grows bush.

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