DIY pyramid for strawberries

DIY strawberry pyramid can be made very easily. This does not require any special knowledge and skills.

Moreover, strawberry cultivation on the pyramid can be organized independently on any site, even on the smallest.

Benefits of Strawberry Pyramids

The device of the pyramid under the strawberries has a lot of advantages over all other types of growing this wonderful berry. It is because of the advantages of this technology that an increasing number of gardeners prefer to make pyramids of strawberries.

Consider the benefits in more detail.

  1. Strawberries on the pyramid are always very convenient to water. The fact is that excess water will always drain in tiers, thereby nourishing the roots of all plants in the required amount and not stagnating in the soil. Thanks to this, strawberries will never rot. Yes, and spraying plants if necessary on the pyramid is also more convenient.
  2. The vertical cultivation method makes it possible to get a crop from one strawberry bush several times. At the same time, it is convenient that the shoots do not take root, the berries are always clearly visible, and it is convenient to collect them. This is especially good for people who grow large quantities of strawberries for sale. Indeed, this method saves a lot of space.
  3. The strawberry pyramid greatly facilitates the care of the bushes. This method makes it easy and quick to notice the antennae and cut them, separate the bushes as necessary and plant new ones. And when applying fertilizer to the soil, you can always calculate the required amount of solution for each level.
  4. The pyramidal design with strawberries will always look original and unusual anywhere. It can be placed both in an open area and in a greenhouse. The number of levels is determined independently, based on the amount of planting material and individual preferences.

Pyramid from the boards

To date, there are several simple options for how to make a pyramid for strawberries. All of them are interesting and uncomplicated. Consider one of them, it is considered the most common and convenient for modern summer residents who like to organize the cultivation of strawberries and wild strawberries to harvest a large crop.

Tools and materials

How is the pyramid made for strawberries from ordinary boards? This design option allows you to independently determine the size of the pyramid and make it both very large and very small and simple. For work, it is necessary to prepare materials and tools:

  1. Strong wooden boards. First you need to make measurements and cut the right number of boards. Preparation of wood consists in thorough sanding, impregnation with drying oil. It is possible to varnish a tree. In no case do not use chemical impregnations and paint, since harmful substances from them will certainly fall into the soil, and from it into the berries.
  2. Prepare the ground in advance to fill the pyramid. For strawberries, the best option would be ordinary garden soil with the addition of sand (you can take components in a ratio of even 1: 1).
  3. Nails of different sizes and a hammer.
  4. Rabitz.
  5. An asbestos-cement pipe, the diameter of which should be about 5 mm on one side and about 10 mm on the other.
  6. Building level.

Strawberry Pyramid

Level device

Now, with regard to the process of arranging the pyramid itself. First you need to choose and prepare a place. The ground on it should be flat, so it is advisable to walk the rink on the ground. Next, the netting is laid. The lowest level of the pyramid is the most difficult to do, since the boards will need to be installed evenly.

First, a triangle is made of three boards. Its edges must be sanded and slightly rounded so that plants in the future are not damaged about them. Now this base is placed directly on the grid. Everything is checked by the level so that there are no distortions.

Then an earthen mixture is poured into the triangle. It is advisable to ram it a little. If necessary, you can always add soil. Remember that the optimal layer for good strawberry growth is about 20-25 cm. This must be taken into account when choosing the height of the boards for the pyramid.

Now you need to drill holes in the pipe over its entire surface. It will serve to support the pyramid and drip irrigation of the bushes. The pipe is placed with the wider part exactly in the middle of the triangle, the bottom of it must be tightly closed before this. It is advisable to strengthen the tube by digging it well into the ground, and there a little condensed with a solution.

Now the next tier of boards is stacked. Remember that the distance between each next step on all sides should be the same across all tiers, otherwise the pyramid will look unaesthetic. It should be at least 25 cm, depending on the size of the pyramid.

Each tier is covered with soil, and so on until the pyramid is completely done. Note that in the middle, the handset may become clogged with earth in the middle. It can be either cleaned or left as is. After all, it serves, first of all, as a central support, and only additionally provides partial moistening of the soil around the bushes.

Now it remains to wait about two days until the soil shrinks, after which planting can begin. Start from the top tier, gradually going down. Observe the optimal distance between the bushes of 5-7 cm. This makes it possible to grow lush bushes with lots of berries.

Such a flower bed in the form of a pyramid of strawberries can decorate any area. At the same time, it will be quite functional and convenient for growing juicy berries. A flowerbed in the form of a pyramid under a strawberry is an ideal option for modern summer residents and gardeners who are used to not only collecting a large harvest of berries every year, but also to see real works of art on their plots, which neighbors can envy.

DIY strawberry pyramid

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