How to grow dahlias from seeds

How to get dahlias from seeds: the cultivation and care of them excites many garden flower lovers. Dahlias are flowers that have a huge number of varieties. Each variety has its own shades. They bloom all summer until mid-autumn. Bushes multiply in several ways: roots and seeds. Caring for them is not very difficult.

Some varieties of dahlia

This culture, growing in almost every household, is represented in stores by many varieties. In total, more than 15 thousand of them are registered! Let's consider some of them:

  1. Single row. So called varieties with the arrangement of flower petals in a row. This plant has a flat bud always open. The stem grows 25-50 cm tall.
  2. Pion-shaped. They have more magnificent inflorescences with petals located in several rows. The bud is quite large. It can reach a diameter of 20 cm. Leg height from 60 to 120 cm.
  3. Collar. Look spectacular thanks to two rows of petals of different sizes. Each row can be painted in different shades of colors.
  4. Pompoms. These dahlias have chic spherical buds with a diameter of 3 to 9 cm. Individual flowers grow to 20 cm.
  5. Cactus. In appearance, they resemble a bristled hedgehog. This appearance is created by rolled up inflorescences. They are just like needles.
  6. Funny boys. It features a very lush flowering. Diameter of flowers is 10 cm. Does not form tubers. The plant is annual.
  7. Dandy. Semi-double variety with original inflorescences of various colors. The plant belongs to undersized varieties.
  8. Piccolo can be grown in pots on the veranda and in the flowerbed. The variety is undersized, 40-45 cm high.
  9. Unvins Dwarf up to 60 cm high has branched stems with flowers with a diameter of 6-9 cm. There are a lot of color shades.

The greatest number of shades can be counted among decorative varieties. Their flowers are large, from 10 cm and more. The size of a bud of 25 cm is not uncommon. They are simple and terry. You can grow these dahlias from self-grown seeds.

Growing flowers from seeds

How to plant dahlias: growing from seeds or tubers to choose? If you buy seeds in a store, then you will definitely get a bag with a mixture of different types, but about the same height. Having planted them in the garden, soon you can see many colorful buds of different colors, shapes and sizes. But their growth will be approximately the same. Undersized bloom earlier than their tall counterparts. For tall plants, it’s good to build props, otherwise the flowers may fly around like a dandelion.

Seeds for seedlings can be grown independently. To do this, you need to carefully look at the faded buds. Many of them show achene. It is solid, has a light green tint. In a matured state, it becomes dark beige and resembles a small cone. When it dries (this can be seen by peeling scales), it is time to collect the seeds. They are useful for growing dahlia from seeds. Seeds ripen in autumn at high humidity during rains. Boxes need to be protected from rainfall by a waterproof film. When frost occurs, it is better to cut the stems with boxes and bring them into the house. In a container of water in a couple of weeks they will ripen.

Ripe boxes are cut from the stem and gently opened. Inside are 10-15 seeds. Under favorable conditions, they can be stored at home for 3-4 years. How to grow a crop and when to plant seeds?

Growing seedlings begins with soil preparation. In autumn, you need to take an equal amount of sand, turf and humus, mix them and sift. Next, the soil needs to be warmed up and treated with a solution of manganese. This is done in order to combat diseases and various pests. The treated soil is poured into dishes (containers, drawers) and moistened. Plant dahlias with seeds should be at a depth of 1-2 cm. The distance between them is 3 cm. The containers with soil and seeds are placed in a warm place where the temperature is maintained from 23 to 25 degrees. Boxes with future seedlings require good lighting. They need to be closed on top with a transparent film.

Days after 10 or a little earlier sprouts appear. The film is removed from the boxes. To seedlings are not too stretched, it must continue to be well lit. Seedlings need to be moistened. It is better to do this with a spray gun without eroding the soil. Stagnation of excess water will lead plants to diseases. For annuals, seeds are planted at the very beginning of April. If you plant them a month earlier, then by autumn the flowers will have a fairly powerful and strong root system.

When 3-4 leaves appear on the stems, dahlia seedlings need to be dived. Separate glasses for each plant are prepared for this procedure. They need to be filled with the same soil in which the seeds grew. At the bottom of each cup, a hole is made to drain excess water. Each seedling is carefully dug out and planted in a glass. From the spray gun the sprout is sprayed. By May 10-20, the sprouts should be ready for planting them in the garden. But hurry with the landing is not worth it. It is better to wait until the threat of frost has completely disappeared. In the meantime, you can harden the seedlings, taking it out to the open air for 5-10 minutes.

Seed dahlias

Planting plants in open ground

Summer dahlias: their cultivation should occur in certain places. Planting and growing dahlias are conducted in a well-lit flowerbed, fenced off from the wind. If a good wind blows, then the dahlia can turn into a dandelion, which quickly loses its petals. It is good if the flower bed is on a certain elevation. This will not allow water to stagnate in the ground. Soil is desirable to have a neutral or slightly acidic composition. In autumn, the place is fertilized with humus, manure or compost.

Before planting in open ground, each plant is abundantly watered and left for 2 hours. Then it is removed from the glass and planted in the ground. If peat cups were used during a dive, plants are planted directly in them. A little humus is poured into the hole in a mixture with ash. The distance between plants is about 25 cm. Plants take root usually usually quickly and without problems. By mid-summer, bright flowers of various shades appear. Dahlia flowering continues until early November. Blooming flower beds can be seen in the numerous photos and videos that are in special stores, in magazines and brochures.

Seed Dahlias: Preparing for Sowing

Conclusion on the topic

Dahlias are beautiful and beloved by many. There are a huge number of varieties. Photos with their images can often be found on the pages of magazines. The congratulatory videos also have these lush flowers. Many varieties are popular. For example: Funny guys (a whole large family), Figaro Mix, Piccolo, Harlequin Mix, Dandy, Bishop's Children, Rigoletto Mix, Diablo Mix, Mignon, Monarch, Dandelion and many others.

Dahlia seeds can be grown on their own.

In the spring you can plant them and grow seedlings. Seedlings are planted in the open ground of a flower bed where beautiful flowers bloom by mid-summer.

Caring for a plant is not particularly difficult. It is only necessary to monitor the possible occurrence of diseases. The main ones: gray rot, fusarium, white rot. With gray rot, brown spots appear on the leaves and pass to all parts of the plant. Leaves and buds dry and die. The cause of the disease is waterlogging. Fusarium infection leads to the death of the root system, which rots at the base. White rot affects individual shoots on which all flowers die. Planting dahlias: seeds can be bought or grown - this is a cheap option for decorating the territory near the house. You can take a photo in summer and admire it in the house in winter.

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