Cultivation of ceratonia

Guinea pigs live in my house, and the list of their favorite goodies includes carob fruits. And then one day, from a jar I also dropped a seed of this tree, which in a scientific way, as I later learned, is called ceratonia. I am a famous experimenter, therefore, without hesitation, I put a seed in a pot of earth. And she has risen! Now she has already waved about 20 cm in height and has a rather magnificent structure. And now I thought - what to do next? Does anyone have experience in growing ceratonia at home or in the open ground (the area of ​​the site would allow)? Maybe there are some secrets? Or is everything useless and can only be thrown away?


we also have a carob tree, for 2 years it has grown by a meter and a half, the trunk is thin and long, and now it is falling ... I decided to cut the tree, left only the bare trunk, after a while they started to climb new branches, and transplanted it into the street this spring, all summer is growing well, for the winter I’ll wrap something up, I hope it will not freeze.)))

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