Dear readers, how to plant mountain ash

Hello! For many years now I’ve been trying to grow mountain ash in my area, but all my attempts are in vain. I plant in the autumn, stand a small tree in urea, water as needed, and in the spring, from year to year, I observe dry sticks! What am I doing wrong?


Try planting in the spring, you can’t stand it in urea. Prepare the landing pit - fill it with fertilizer. Try not to deepen the root neck and not damage the roots. It also depends on the planting location and condition of the seedling. Mountain ash loves sunny places, can be covered on one side (for example, near the house), so that there is not much stagnation of water in the spring. And from spring and all summer it is easier to observe it, good watering, especially in the summer in the heat, otherwise it will dry out.

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