The device of the pond to reduce the water pollution in the country

I really need a pond in the country to collect groundwater, i.e. without film. Please explain in detail the stages of the construction of such a reservoir.


Hope, with the help of the pond, it will not be possible to lower the level of groundwater. It is possible to arrange a catchment pond from which water is forced to be pumped out, but it will work more likely to divert the “flood”, excess water that appears in spring after snow melts or in autumn in rainy weather. In any case, when laying a natural-type pond, without underlying materials, you need to take into account the main points. 1. The coastline, taking into account the rise and fall of water, should be as flat as possible. Otherwise, the water will begin to wash it and the pond will become swampy. If it is difficult to make a gentle beach, it is advisable to pour gravel into the contact area with water. 2. Calculate the area of ​​the water mirror, ie water surface at maximum filling of the pond. The best ratio of the size and depth of the pond is 1 to 4. But this can be applied to ponds of small and medium sizes, large ponds have their own ratios. I advise you to make the pond 5 by 5 or 7 by 7 meters deeper than the freezing depth, then it will start working earlier in the spring. 3. And even for the catchment pond, I advise you to dig it out with the device of underwater terraces, this will help prevent swimming and collapse of the walls.

Digging a pond is best in August, as This month is considered the driest and usually allows you to start and finish all work in good weather. And be sure to consider the possibility of overflowing with an overflow pipe or pump.

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