The method of shading seedlings from the sun

For shading of stretch marks from the sun, on plastic windows it is convenient to hang small hooks with Velcro. I hang a piece of tulle or gauze on them. I cut the tulle to the width of each half of the window. So the plants feel good, not being burned by the sun. In the future, I do not remove these hooks, they do not interfere and remain for the next year.

Thanks for the idea!

Thanks, I’ll take a note, otherwise I’ve spoiled everything with adhesive tape, thank you - as it turns out everything is simple!

Very good! Thank you so much for sharing in such a great way!

And I have horizontal plastic blinds (they are inexpensive), they can be raised to various heights and the shading can be adjusted. And the plants are good and I feel good! 🙂

I thought about them, I have the south side.

This is not my first year when the sun is gone - I raise them if the heat and the sun lower and regulate. Everything is very convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

And I glued a mirror film. But with seedlings it is not convenient.

I was afraid to spoil the glass, but I can’t remove the blinds even for the winter.

I did not know that there were problems. They told me when I stuck it. I'll think about it.

I also use blinds

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