Do I need to soak cucumbers before canning and other subtleties

Those housewives who are engaged in the conservation of cucumbers for the first time, know a lot of subtleties. But there are those who do this for the first time, they have many questions. For example, is it necessary to soak cucumbers in water, what kind of water is needed for this, for how many hours does it need to be done? Today we will talk about all the secrets of preserving this vegetable.

What should you pay attention to first of all, when you come to the market for cucumbers? This, of course, is the color of the cucumber, its size and elasticity. For some people, the price, of course, also matters. All these elements of choice can be called the main ones in choosing a vegetable for winter preservation.

The main principle: pimples

Experienced housewives already know that the best cucumbers are those on which pimples are dark or completely black. The main secret of canning is that cans with cucumbers with this color of pimples almost never explode. If you choose cucumbers for pickling - pimples on them should be light.

The optimum size of cucumbers

Never buy vegetables, if you see that they are very curved or twisted, they can be used only for salad. In the bank, they should be "one-on-one" like soldiers in a parade - smooth and beautiful. The most optimal length should be from five to thirteen centimeters - neither more nor less.

My-my cucumbers

Women who decide to take up conservation for the first time want to know - do you need to buy cucumbers if garden dirt is stuck on them? As a rule, sellers wash them to give the product a beautiful "appearance". But keep in mind - if the cucumbers are on the counter and shine like an Easter egg, then they probably lay in a closed container. And this leads to the fact that they quickly turn sour from the inside and subsequently can "blow up" the jar. Never buy pure cucumbers!

Yellow is not our color

Are yellow vegetables to be preserved? As a rule, the cucumber turns yellow due to a lack of moisture when watering. Therefore, preserving such cucumbers in the summer and opening them in the winter, you can get not a tasty "snack", but bitter and soft cucumbers that cannot be eaten. Do not spend extra money!

Touch the "butt" and check the elasticity: why soak cucumbers

How long and for what is it necessary to soak cucumbers in water before sending them to banks? And what water is needed for this?

Before you buy cucumbers - check them if they are elastic. The most important thing is that the tips are poured - the tail parts. If the choice on the market is small or all cucumbers are soft, then before moving on to canning or pickling, they must be kept in cold water for as long as possible. In this case, water needs to be drained every one and a half to two hours and pour new. In this case, the cucumbers "drink" the water and become tight.

A great plus of soaking cucumbers can also be called the fact that in water they lose a large amount of nitrates (from 15 to 20%). But after soaking them, know that the most important thing in this process is "not to go too far." If the cucumbers will lie in the water for a long time, they will certainly deteriorate. How to understand this? Easy: white circles begin to appear on the surface of the water, similar to circles from soap. Cucumbers should be immediately removed and washed thoroughly under running water.

Many experienced housewives advise washing cucumbers from garden dirt with a soft rag with a small pile. It is good at washing the ground, does not spoil the skin and pimples.

By the way, if you have your own garden and you just harvested a cucumber crop, then you do not need to soak these vegetables, you can just rinse them well under running water.

What water is better for soaking

To do this, it is best to use spring or well water (if you have such an opportunity). If you soak and preserve in such water, then the taste of cucumbers will certainly surprise you. They turn out elastic and crispy. Vegetables rolled using ordinary water are clearly losing.

If a well or spring is not nearby, then bottled water can be used. Water from the tap is also suitable, but it must be passed through a filter, then boiled and (preferably) infused with copper or silver. They help to cleanse and improve the taste of water effectively.

Don't you like gherkins? You just don’t know how to cook them!

Can gherkins be preserved? Do I need to marinate them first? Not everyone understands what a gherkin is, they cannot distinguish it from an ordinary cucumber.

The size of such a vegetable never exceeds six centimeters, maybe less, but not more.

Take it in your hands and bring it to your nose, smell it. The real gherkin has a spicy, slightly bitter smell. Now it needs to be broken: a crunch will be heard. Although many people like to eat canned food, they don’t know that such a variety of cucumbers should be consumed fresh, with the addition of other fresh vegetables - during heat treatment they lose all their useful properties.

When storing vegetables, say no to the refrigerator

How to store cucumbers? If they have just been torn from the garden, rolling them up is completely optional. If you are busy with something else and there is a catastrophic lack of time to process them, you can put them in a bag, but not made of polyethylene, but paper, and put them in a cool place, protected from the sun. Just do not use a refrigerator for storage! In it, cucumbers can survive for only three to five days, and in a cool place, the vegetables ripen and will be ideal for canning.

To crunch cucumbers - check the peel

What needs to be done to make the cucumbers crunch? In order to enjoy the crunch and delicious taste of winter preservation, you must correctly select them in the summer on the market. When purchasing them, check the thickness of the skin: it should be average. Try to poke a fingernail. If the peel is immediately damaged - such will not crunch. If you succeed in doing this with this effort, these are the vegetables that you need.

Sometimes size matters

Do I need to pay attention to size and what should it be? If you want to preserve, purchase vegetables not exceeding thirteen centimeters in length. If you are going to salt, you can take large cucumbers.

Make a "cut" or just pierce with a fork

Do Cucumber Butt Trimming? Many experienced housewives advise doing this. What for? It turned out that in the tail of the cucumber, which connects the fruit itself with the lash, contains an incredible amount of harmful substances. But one can argue with this opinion. After all, if there are nitrates in the "ass", then they will certainly be present in the peel. So cutting off or not is entirely up to you. You can just prick in the middle with a fork - the effect will be almost the same.

Fight early vegetables

Can I buy early vegetables? This is undesirable. Indeed, the earlier a vegetable ripens, the more harmful elements are contained in it. Take care of your health, wait a while, and there will be a large selection on the market and prices will be much lower.

Preparation of cucumbers for canning

Now you know all the subtleties of choosing and preparing cucumbers for pickling. Good luck with your choice and conservation!

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