Italian Strawberry Jolie: Variety Description

Hello! My gardening experience is small, in the next season I plan to plant berry seedlings. Please provide information on a specimen such as Jolie's strawberries, a description of the variety and growing conditions are most important to me.

Recently, breeders from Italy crossed several hybrid forms of wild strawberries and bred a new berry. They called it Jolie's strawberries, the description of the variety makes it clear that the plant has medium growth strength, while it is quite hardy. Jolie is able to bear fruit and develop in any soil, like any other variety. The main condition for the soil is acidity, which should correspond to 5.5. In addition, a small amount of humus should be added to the area where the berry culture is planned to be planted - it will fill the ground with nutrients. Planting seedlings of garden strawberries can be carried out before the onset of stable frosts.

The root system of plants and leaves of strawberries Jolie (Joly) are tolerant to major diseases and pests. The culture belongs to the middle varieties of ripening. The productivity of this subspecies is very high and stable, it is worth noting that the strawberry Jolie remarkably tolerates winter in central Russia.

Strawberry Joli berries have a conical shape, a pronounced aroma of strawberries and a sweet dessert flavor. The fruit weighs from 30 to 40 g, the strawberry pulp is dense. The products are well stored and worthy of transportation.

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