How to make Christmas tree shaped topiary for New Year

The Christmas tree topiary is a unique New Year's souvenir that creates an elevated festive mood. This decorative tree can be decorated in accordance with the symbols of the coming year, which will make the gift even more relevant.

DIY handmade tree topiary can be decorated with a variety of materials. Suitable tangerines, sweets, Christmas tree decorations, sisal, fir cones. The widest scope for imagination! You can use the technique of combining different materials in one composition, and she will benefit from this. But for a beginner in this fascinating case, it still makes sense to adhere to the proposed step-by-step instructions.

Options for creating a Christmas tree topiary

To understand how to make a Christmas tree topiary decorated with tangerines, you need to remember one rule: the diameter of the base (pot) must correspond to the diameter of the crown. In this case, a stable and harmonious composition is obtained.

If it is not possible to find a suitable container (vase, jar, glass), it can be made independently from plasticine and old newspapers using the papier-mâché method. The process is as follows: the shape of the container is molded from plasticine and pasted over with finely chopped pieces of newspaper. The more layers of pasting, the more durable the papier-mâché will be.

The simplest option for creating a topiary is as follows: a fluffy Christmas tree branch is installed in a container of a suitable size and strengthened there with decorative pebbles or any other material weighting the base. You can use quickly setting composition: gypsum, alabaster, plaster.

Such improvised Christmas trees are decorated in accordance with the style of the holiday. Suitable tinsel, cones, sweets, symbols of the year, miniature soft toys, Christmas garlands. To create such a souvenir, step-by-step instructions are not required, your own imagination is enough.

The crown of a decorative tree is traditionally shaped like a ball. In order to make the Christmas tree topiary, the workshop offers the use of tennis balls, plastic or foam balls. You can make a base for the crown and yourself. To do this, you need to take a piece of foam or a frozen mounting foam and cut out a ball of the required diameter from it. The crown base can also be made from a balloon: to paste over it with newspapers using the papier-mâché method, and upon completion of work, release air from the balloon and take it out.

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Instructions for creating a Christmas tree topiary

Materials and tools that will be required to create a topiary:

  • thin cardboard (whatman);
  • corrugated cardboard;
  • wire cross section 4-5 mm;
  • scissors;
  • compass;
  • green sisal;
  • woolen threads of green color;
  • twine;
  • pencil;
  • small pots;
  • dry cement or gypsum mixture;
  • glue gun or glue like "Moment", "Crystal";
  • old newspaper;
  • Decorative material: Christmas balls, bows, flowers, tinsel, rain, confetti.

Manufacturing process:

  1. On a cardboard (whatman) using a compass they draw a semicircle. The radius should correspond to the desired height of the tree.
  2. A semicircle is cut out and rolled into a cone, fixed with glue or a stapler.
  3. Take a small piece of corrugated cardboard, install a cone on it and outline it.
  4. Cut the resulting circle with scissors. It will serve as the base of the Christmas tree.
  5. A piece of wire is inserted into the cone and its upper part protruding from the crown is twisted in the form of a spiral.
  6. Crumple the newspaper into a lump and lay it inside the cone.
  7. Glue the crown of the Christmas tree to the wire.
  8. The circle and cone are wrapped with green woolen threads.
  9. A hole is cut in the center of the circle and a wire emerges from the cone through it.
  10. Insert a circle into the bottom of the cone and fix it with glue.
  11. The wire is wrapped in a spiral twine. Get a beautiful Christmas tree trunk.
  12. Cement or gypsum mixture is poured into the pot, diluted with water in the required proportion, and a cone with a wire is installed in the container.
  13. The cone and the top of the wire are wrapped in a spiral green sisal. The result was a spectacular Christmas tree.

Next, proceed to the design of a cache-pot and cone in the style of a holiday. The stand can be wrapped with beautiful paper towels and glued rain and tinsel on them. The cone is wrapped in a spiral with a bright satin ribbon and reinforced with Christmas decorations, sweets, decorative ornaments. You can choose various options for the spectacular decoration of the Christmas tree. To fix the decor, use decorative pins. A herringbone of thread and sisal is an excellent decoration for the holiday.

DIY Christmas tree topiary

How to make Christmas Tree Topiary from coffee beans

New Year's coffee topiary is a spectacular and stylish decoration. To make it, you will need:

  • thick paper or cardboard dark brown;
  • twine;
  • coffee beans;
  • wooden stick;
  • glue gun;
  • gouache of bronze color;
  • satin ribbon bow;
  • glass or plastic container, which will serve as a stand;
  • decor to decorate the crown (beads, Christmas-tree decorations of a suitable size, garlands, tinsel);
  • building plaster;
  • sponge;
  • Scotch.

The main difficulty in making this craft is gluing coffee beans.

This painstaking work will require perseverance and accuracy from the master. If you stick the grains slowly and close to each other, the herringbone topiary will turn out to be incredibly beautiful. In order to simplify the task as much as possible, use a glue gun.

The most pleasant moment in the manufacture of topiary is the decoration of its crown. For its decoration, any New Year decorations are suitable: tinsel, rain, sweets, small fruits. Topiary “Herringbone”, made with your own hands, can be decorated in the form of a New Year's tangerine tree.

Stages of creating a decorative tree

  1. A cone is made from brown cardboard, the lower edge of which is evenly cut.
  2. To fix the edges of the paper using transparent tape.
  3. The cone is covered with coffee beans. In order that cardboard is not visible between them, pasting is performed in 2-3 layers.
  4. Bronze paint is applied to the sponge.
  5. Gently apply paint to coffee beans.
  6. A satin ribbon bow is glued to the crown of the tree.
  7. The crown of the tree is decorated with the selected decor.

Topiary “Christmas tree” workshop offers to decorate with a string of beads wrapped diagonally around the crown. The lower part of the cone can be pasted over with beads. Next, proceed to the manufacture of a tree trunk. For this, a circle of such a diameter is cut out of cardboard so that it can closely fit into the lower part of the cone. A hole is cut out in the middle of the circle into which a wooden stick is inserted.

The paper circle and the top of the barrel are coated with glue. After the crown firmly adheres to the wooden stick, it is installed in a pre-prepared container, which will act as a topiary stand. In order to strengthen the trunk in it, gypsum is poured into the container and diluted with water. The Christmas tree in the stand is held in an upright position until the bonding compound hardens. The turn of designing the base of the topiary has come. The stand can be pasted over with Christmas tree needles, sisal, pine or spruce cones, confetti.

New Year's Topiary

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