Preservation of carrots for the winter: TOP-10 recipes for every taste

Canned carrots will be an excellent component for salads, as well as an individual appetizer, served on a business or holiday table. In order for the carrot to acquire a bright taste, additional vegetables and spices are usually added to it. For many housewives, preserving this vegetable for the winter is an excellent source of vitamins for the whole family.

Traditional recipe for pickled carrots for the winter

To prepare, you need:

  • a couple of kilograms of carrots;
  • 60 grams of salt;
  • litere of water;
  • a tablespoon of vinegar concentrate;
  • 60 grams of sugar;
  • to taste bay leaf, cinnamon, garlic cloves;
  • a pair of pepper peas;
  • 2 cloves.

Pickling Method:

  1. Carrots are actively peeled from the ground and peel.
  2. The vegetable goes into boiling water and stays in it for 5 minutes.
  3. Next, the carrots are removed, cooled and cut in circles or cubes.
  4. The vegetable is placed in a pre-sterilized glass container.
  5. Garlic cloves fall asleep on top.
  6. Next, the marinade is prepared. Salt, sugar, spices are poured into boiling water. It is better to add garlic marinade. Then the liquid boils for 7 minutes.
  7. Marinade is supplemented with vinegar, mixed, distributed in banks with carrots.

Filled blanks are rolled up with clean, calcined lids, left in an inverted position, being warmly wrapped, for a couple of days.

Caviar for the winter from carrots and tomatoes

You will need:

  • a kilogram of carrots;
  • 2 cloves;
  • 2 paprika pods;
  • a couple of dining spoons of apple cider vinegar;
  • a tablespoon of salt;
  • a kilogram of tomatoes;
  • Chile;
  • 5 pepper peas;
  • a bunch of greenery;
  • some garlic;
  • 5 dessert spoons of sugar.


  1. The orange root crop is rubbed with a grater, and then fried in oil.
  2. Peppers are cut into medium slices and poured into carrots.
  3. Stew the vegetable mixture for 20 minutes.
  4. Tomatoes are cut into cubes and sprinkled to the carrot mass.
  5. Salt, crushed greens, cloves, granulated sugar, granulated sugar pour out there.
  6. Quench the mixture for a quarter of an hour under the lid.
  7. At the end, vinegar is poured, the whole mass is ground with a blender, boiled again.
  8. Then the caviar is distributed over the calcined banks, rolled up.

Carrot and onion dressing for soups: a winter recipe

To prepare carrot dressing you will need:

  • a kilogram of carrots;
  • litere of water;
  • a kilogram of onion;
  • 3 tablespoons of salt.


  1. Carrots are washed, peeled, rubs with a coarse grater.
  2. Onions are cut into cubes. It is necessary to make small onion crumbs, the size of the square should be 3x3 mm.
  3. Onions are mixed with orange root vegetables and rammed into pre-sterilized jars.
  4. Then a pickle is made. To do this, the boiled water is filled with salt and completely dissolved in it.
  5. The resulting brine is poured to the top of the carrot-onion filling.
  6. Prepared containers are rolled with calcined lids using a preservation wrench.

To enhance the taste of brine, you can use the remaining carrot tops.

Preserved Carrot Recipe with Green Peas

For cooking you need:

  • a couple of kilograms of young peas;
  • a small pinch of citric acid;
  • a couple of tablespoons of sugar;
  • two medium-sized carrots;
  • litere of water;
  • a tablespoon of salt;
  • half a glass of vinegar;
  • a pinch of favorite herbs;
  • 10 peas of black pepper;
  • 4 stars cloves.

Home canning technology:

  1. Young peas are soaked in cool water for two hours.
  2. The fluid drains.
  3. Pure water is poured into another pan, the container is put on fire until the liquid boils. After the water has boiled, citric acid is poured into it, and then peas.
  4. Peas are cooked for 3 minutes, and then removed from the water and scattered on banks that have been previously sterilized.
  5. Carrots are peeled, washed from the remnants of the earth. Then the vegetable is cut into thick bars.
  6. Carrot slices, cloves, peppers and herbs are distributed in banks in equal amounts.
  7. Vinegar, salt and granulated sugar are poured into the water where peas were cooked. The liquid is brought to a boil.
  8. The resulting liquid is poured to the top of each jar with carrots and peas.
  9. Each jar is sterilized again for 30 minutes.
  10. After sterilization, the containers are rolled up with sterilized lids using a canning wrench.
  11. It is possible to use such a blank not only in winter, but also 3 days after seaming.

If you want a clean, clear brine, you need to remove the damaged peas after they are first processed.

Sweet canned carrots for the winter: diced in oil

Ingredients required for cooking:

  • a glass of brown sugar;
  • 4 dessert spoons of salt;
  • dessert spoon of ground cloves;
  • a glass of mustard oil;
  • a dessert spoon of ground red pepper;
  • cardamom dessert spoon;
  • two tablespoons of mustard seeds;
  • kilogram of carrots.

How to cook:

  1. Carrots are peeled and then cut into cubes.
  2. Carrot cubes are poured into boiling water, remain in it for 60 seconds.
  3. Then the carrot is taken out of the water with a colander and dries out for 60 minutes.
  4. Sugar, cloves, cardamom and salt are mixed in a separate container. Carrot cubes are poured into the resulting spicy mixture. Everything is getting in the way.
  5. Carrots and spices are poured into a clean jar.
  6. Mustard oil is placed in a small pan, mustard seeds are poured.
  7. When the oil begins to smoke, it needs to be removed from the stove, and then cooled for 4 minutes.
  8. The cooled oil is poured into a jar of carrots, the container is closed with a lid and kept in the light for 2 weeks. Shake a jar a couple of times a day.

Such a dish can be served as an appetizer, and it will also be an excellent side dish for meat dishes.

Winter carrots with red beans and onions

Ingredients Required:

  • a kilogram of red beans (fresh);
  • 250 grams of sunflower oil;
  • 0.5 kilogram of bulbs;
  • 0.5 kilograms of carrots;
  • 3 tablespoons of acetic acid;
  • a small amount of any spices.

To prepare for the winter this preparation should be based on a step-by-step guide:

  1. Beans are soaked for half a day. And during this time, you need to change the water three times for clean.
  2. Next, the soaked beans are boiled until tender. But the beans should not be boiled.
  3. The onion is peeled and then cut into half rings.
  4. The carrots are washed, peeled, and then cut into thin slices, cut in half.
  5. Onions and carrots are poured into the pan, which contains the heated sunflower oil.
  6. Stew vegetables for 20 minutes. At this time, abundant allocation of carrot juice occurs.
  7. Boiled beans are filled with vegetables.
  8. 10 minutes after boiling the mixture, add spices and salt.
  9. All must be mixed and kept on fire for a couple of minutes.
  10. The resulting mass must be distributed in clean jars, and then put the filled containers to sterilize.
  11. After sterilization, glass containers are rolled up with lids.
  12. The workpiece must be immediately turned over and wrapped in a warm towel.
  13. In this state, the banks cool down during the day.
  14. Then they can be cleaned in a dark, cool place.

Canned carrot salad for the winter: a step-by-step recipe

To prepare canned carrot salad you will need:

  • a kilogram of bell pepper;
  • a kilogram of carrots;
  • a kilogram of onion;
  • a kilogram of tomatoes;
  • a glass of sunflower oil;
  • a dining spoon of 30% vinegar;
  • 5 dessert spoons of sugar.

Technology for making salad:

  1. All vegetables are actively washed and cleaned.
  2. Carrots and onions are cut into strips. The same thing needs to be done with pepper.
  3. Sliced ​​vegetables should be put in a pan with a thick bottom.
  4. Tomatoes are minced using a meat grinder. You can also use a grater.
  5. Tomatoes get enough sleep in a pan with other vegetables.
  6. Everything is thoroughly mixed and stewed over low heat for 20 minutes after boiling.
  7. Sugar, butter and salt are added to the stew.
  8. Everything is thoroughly mixed.
  9. Then the mixture is again boiled for 5 minutes.
  10. Then vinegar flows in.
  11. The salad is distributed in sterilized jars, and then poured with marinade.
  12. Capacities are rolled up and cooled.

Cabbage in the amount of 1 kilogram can also be added to such a salad. Chopped cabbage should be stewed 15 minutes before the end of the preparation of other vegetables.

Korean canned carrots recipe for winter

It is required:

  • 5 kilograms of carrots;
  • 300 grams of garlic cloves;
  • 30 milliliters of 70% vinegar;
  • 100 milliliters of sunflower oil;
  • 2 onions;
  • 15 grams of salt;
  • 2 dining spoons of cilantro;
  • 4 dessert spoons of granulated sugar;
  • 2 dessert spoons of ground pepper mixture.

Cooking method:

  1. Pure carrots are rubbed on a special grater, which is designed for the preparation of Korean salads.
  2. Sugar and salt are poured into the shabby vegetable.
  3. The vegetable is infused for 20 minutes, and then pepper is poured there. Again the carrot is left for a third of an hour.
  4. Then vinegar is poured into it, the mixture is left for 30 minutes.
  5. During this period of time, it is necessary to heat the oil, and then fry the finely chopped onion in it.
  6. When the onion becomes golden, you need to remove it, and put the cilantro in the oil, which is fried there for 60 seconds. Then a carrot is poured into it.
  7. After 20 minutes, the vegetable is supplemented with chopped garlic and onions.
  8. Everything is actively mixed, and then laid out on previously sterilized banks and rolled up.

Canned carrots without sterilization: the simplest recipe

Canned carrots for the winter are equally useful as an independent dish and as an integral part of other recipes. It is accessible to everyone and contains many vitamins.

In order to preserve it for the winter, you need to take the following ingredients:

  • one kilogram of carrots;
  • a teaspoon of table salt;
  • a couple of teaspoons of spices for carrots in Korean;
  • table vinegar - a couple of tablespoons;
  • a teaspoon of granulated sugar;
  • two medium-sized cloves of garlic;
  • medium sized onion.

Preservation should be carried out in the following sequence:

  1. We rinse the carrots and clean it.
  2. Using a grater or knife, we cut the carrots into strips.
  3. Pour it with salt and sugar.
  4. Let us infuse the resulting mass for half an hour.
  5. We add spices with vinegar to it and leave it all for two hours.
  6. At this time, we cut the onion into strips and fry, then it on 20 grams of vegetable oil until a golden hue is obtained.
  7. The resulting onions are placed in a carrot.
  8. Finely mode the garlic and add to the same mixture.
  9. Now the salad must be insisted for another half hour.
  10. In prepared cans, we put the resulting salad and roll them with lids. Enjoy your meal.

Preservation of small fruits

Carrot is a healthy product available to everyone. Her canning is not very difficult and allows you to get great workpieces for later use in the preparation of various dishes.

To preserve small carrots, it is necessary to prepare the following components:

  • carrots in the amount of 3.5 kilograms;
  • table salt - 50 grams;
  • 50 grams of granulated sugar;
  • a couple of liters of purified water;
  • a quarter liter of six percent vinegar.

Cooking is carried out according to this technology:

  1. We wash the carrots under running water and clean it.
  2. Pour water into the pan and add salt.
  3. We carry out blanching of carrots in this solution for five minutes.
  4. We get the carrots from the pan and place them in the prepared jars.
  5. In another container, we prepare the filling. To do this, mix water with sugar, salt and bring it all to a boil.
  6. Add vinegar to the same place and wait again until the solution boils.
  7. Pour it into jars of carrots and cover them with lids.
  8. We sterilize cans for 20 minutes.
  9. Now close the jars with lids and place them in a dark place.
  10. We cover them with a blanket, and in a couple of days the dish is ready.

Canned Carrots with Chives

You can preserve carrots with various components: this helps to create interesting dishes that become a worthy decoration of the festive table. Among these are carrots with green onions, which will allow you to enjoy a delicious dish with a lot of vitamins.

To prepare it, you will need the following components:

  • a kilogram of carrots;
  • a pound of green onion;
  • a teaspoon of ordinary salt;
  • a pair of cloves of garlic;
  • half a glass of vegetable oil;
  • a quarter cup of vinegar concentration of 10 percent;
  • tomato paste in an amount of 10 grams;
  • three quarters of a cup of granulated sugar.

We make the preparation as follows:

  1. We wash the carrots under water and peel it.
  2. Put it in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes.
  3. Now cool the carrots and cut them into medium-sized cubes.
  4. Chop the green onion and lightly add salt to it. Leave it for five minutes.
  5. We purify the garlic, followed by cutting it into small cubes.
  6. In a separate saucepan, mix vinegar with oil and tomato paste.
  7. Add sugar there and simmer this mixture over low heat.
  8. Put the onion in this marinade and insist it for five minutes.
  9. Now add the prepared carrots with garlic.
  10. Boil it all over low heat for a couple of minutes.
  11. Place the salad in prepared jars.
  12. We close them with lids and sterilize for 10 minutes.
  13. Turn them over and cover with a blanket for one day.

Carrot caviar (video)

Cooked carrot preparations for the winter according to any recipe can be stored in a cool dark place. But it is worth considering that an open jar must be put in the refrigerator.

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