Why zucchini flowers closed

Hello! Just yesterday, zucchini zucchini blossomed, but today all the flowers have closed, it seems that something eats them, because you can see small holes. I sprinkled them with ash around, although I doubt that this will help. What can it be and how to deal with it? Do you think that without normal flowering, all those fruits that have already been tied up will now die?

A flower may fall, it’s not scary

In the prince, it should be so.

Natalia, tell me, please, at the zucchini when the ovaries of fruits are formed? I planted bush zucchini ... There were buds ... and behind them you can’t see the small zucchini, like on cucumbers ... Is that how it should be?

these are men's flowers. Then they’ll go with the ovaries.

do not need to be deleted? They themselves will go next?

I do not delete. Then they will go. Some advise you to delete ... I do not see the point of removal. Let them bloom ... bees are attracted!)


Well, thank you! Reassured

Who knows why the fruits of the zucchini which, after a flower 2-3 cm in size, begin to deteriorate? And completely perish (((

Yes, nothing)


maybe a lot of moisture? Such trouble happens to them ...

just do not water it yet? (loosen up? so that the earth dries up. So it’s a pity they are not the first fruit and already sluggish

Yesterday I read, if zucchini rot, you need to sprinkle with a solution of boric acid 2g. 500 ml. Dissolve hot water, and then bring to 10 liters of warm water.

I don’t even know ... try here Sveta advises

I will try, thanks!

everything is normal flowers fulfilled their role, ovaries formed

the first two weeks from the beginning of flowering can only be male ovaries, and then women’s go ... a lot) this is normal for zucchini.

this happens if the female flower with the ovary was not pollinated with pollen from the male flower.

male flowers can be removed if there are a lot of them and the bush is thickened, and the weather is wet, only if they have faded and are no longer suitable as pollinators. If you remove all unbroken male flowers and leave only female ones, then you will be left without zucchini at all. In general, the flowers at the zucchini after flowering close and after a few days fall off themselves. Then remove them. In wet weather they will lie and get wet.

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