Overview of the variety of currants "White Fairy"

Due to the fact that currants have many useful components and vitamins, the culture has been popular for many years. A wide range of varieties presents summer residents with the difficult task of choosing the right plant. Currant "White Fairy" is worthy of attention, since its fruits have good taste, and the bush itself is not too whimsical to care for.

The bushes are not tall, but dense. The variety is resistant to various diseases and pests, does not require frequent treatment with poisons. Strong shoots make it possible to withstand a large number of fruits, while the plant does not need a garter. Berry ripening comes closer to the end of July. By this time they accumulate enough sugar and vitamins. The berries are medium in size, with a slight acidity inherent in all types of currants. The yield of one bush is about 5 kilograms. A feature of the fruit is that when ripe, they do not crumble, hold on tight to the stalks.

Pruning White Fairy currants is an important aspect. It is necessary to carry out the procedure in the fall or early spring. The bushes are given an updated look, distant young shoots are either cut off or transplanted to a new place.

The worst pest for currants is aphid. It is quite difficult to get it out. But if the defeat is not great, then processing the bushes is not worth it. Many gardeners spray plants with a large number of poisons, which adversely affects its overall development. Some chemicals are poorly washed off the fruit, and therefore enter the human body. Small damaged areas are best cut off with secateurs.

"White Fairy" is resistant to severe frost, cold winter and spring cold tolerates well. A storehouse of vitamins found in currants has a good effect on health. Berry jam has healing anti-cold properties, and also helps to strengthen the immune system.

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